Picket Fences

I don't make a habit of taking outfit photos in front of people's homes, I've had homeowners come out wondering what I was doing there on more than one occasion, and those kinds of interactions make me very uncomfortable, so I feel it's best to avoid them. Though I made an exception with this house, as it is on a main road and the fence (which is what I love) felt like an appropriate division of taking photos on public property (the sidewalk) and the home.

I dream of having a home with a white picket fence lined with hydrangea, and while Sean and I are considering looking at homes right now, we both have very different ideals. I imagine a colonial or victorian with wood siding, definitely something old with lots of character. Bonus if there is already a cherry blossom or other flowering tree in the yard, and a porch would be nice. A kitchen with a pantry, lots of closet space, and a clawfoot tub also make my list. Sean's list consists of 1) inexpensive but not requiring updates, 2) gas heat, and 3) as little maintenance as possible. Combine those lists and I'm pretty sure we will house hunt for eternity. Regardless, we want a dog, so we need to move.

 green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-7.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-8.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-4.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-10.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-9.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-6.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote-3.jpg green linen pants, scalloped cami, panama hat, straw tote.jpg
The Rundown
Scalloped Camisole J.Crew Factory
Linen Pants Lou & Grey
Cork Platform Sandals MRKT similar
Straw Tote Memar via TJMaxx similar
Panama Hat J.Crew
Mini Cactus Pendant Kate Spade via Rocksbox
Joplin Bracelet Gorjana via Rocksbox
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Stacked Rings Gorjana via TJMaxx similar
Crystal Bar Ring Upper Metal Class



  1. Lol that's happened to me before too, but sometimes it's worth it ;-). Love this little straw bag!

    District of Chic

  2. Oh gosh, I had to laugh at Sean's list - gas heat. I think every chef wants that! Ian is always trying to find some creative way to wire our home for gas, even though every home we've ever had included the cost of heat and it would require us to pay extra, just to he can have a gas stove! I'm sure you two will manage to find a compromise somewhere, it can be done. Although I admit that your wishlist sounds more appealing to me, and it does seem like this house sums it up pretty well ;)

  3. It sounds like you two would be perfect for the show House Hunters. It seems like the couples are always wanting two different styles of houses...ha ha!!

  4. First of all you look gorgeoussss, I absolutely adore the pants !
    Oh wow - if it was a reality show I'd be cheering for you ! #TeamLydia Your dream home sounds like mine. We bought one about 11 years ago, home from 1880s, indoor patio, balcony, two stories, high ceilings, all wood, located in a UNESCO heritage site ... but we have never gotten around to fixing it. It's been empty ever since : (

  5. Your outfit is absolutely stunning! A straw tote like yours is on my wishlist <3

  6. I love those pants, such a lovely look!
    and yea, always hard to find something that pleases both people, but I'm sure you'll find the perfect place!

  7. When we first starting house hunting I never thought we would a place that could make us both happy as our "want" lists were so divergent. And it definitely took some time but eventually we found the perfect place!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. Yes to the white picket fences and hydrangeas! And if you want a dog (a big one) then you do need a place with a backyard. By the way, loving your scalloped top.


  9. That house is very pretty. The most important thing on my list is a big kitchen. I like the scallops on your shirt.

  10. Oh that background is too pretty, perfect for your outfit. Have a great weekend lady.


  11. It would be hard to resist doing outfit pics by that fence!

  12. So loving how you styled that lightweight trousers. That color is beautiful too!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  13. This was such a cute place to take photos! Your scalloped top is so pretty and those pants look amazing on you!

  14. I love a white picket fence! I don't blame you, lol. I would've stopped too. Cute outfit; love the hat!