March Budget

This month I partook in more than my fair share of quarantine stress shopping, aided and encouraged by every retailers' efforts to sustain themselves during this shutdown by offering sale after sale. My inbox feels like Black Friday, only worse.

Of course this is only the half of it, as in, the half which has already arrived. If my mailman hated me before, he really hates me now.

Banana Republic Ribbed Cardigan Dress, $32 
Vintage Whiting and Davis Bag via Poshmark, $32
Banana Republic Satin Wrap Top, $21
Mejuri Aries Pendant, $68
Ann Taylor Leopard Silk Scarf, $22
Banana Republic Black Camisole, $23
Vintage Caned Bag via Poshmark, $15
Banana Republic Curvy Mid-Rise Skinny Jean, $45
Lucy Paris Polka Dot Dress, $84


  1. Haha, I stopped shopping once we went into quarantine. But that's not to say I haven't been tempted. Lo & Sons is having a MAJOR sale to help them stay in business and I want a bag sooooo bad! Resisting for now (unless I get a RS payment in PayPal)

  2. I resisted at first, but the sales keep getting better! And with free shipping often! You did get some beautiful items!

  3. Wow L, you got some great garments ! The vintage like black crossbody, the dress, the jeans.. fabulous buys.

  4. That bag will forever be one of my favorite items of yours!!

  5. Speaking as someone who has half a dozen books, a whole new wardrobe of workout clothes and far too many art supplies currently en route to her home, all being delivered by the end of the month, I can hardly judge anyone for shopping right now. In fact, I think those of us who tend to do it as a comfort or compulsion are even more susceptible to all of the deals and discounts going on. All of these pieces are gorgeous. And under these circumstances, at these prices, who could blame you?

  6. That dress is beautiful and I really like that wrap top! :) I've been ordering so much online - mostly just toys or books or learning things or activities for the kids (and a hefty order of printer ink and printer paper, ha!) as we had a week where the schools were closed and I had to try teach them myself. We are on school break now, although we are still at home and won't be going anywhere, and that makes it a bit easier as when the break finishes the teachers will be providing them with lessons online. I just haven't had time to shop the sales, although there are some great ones around and you got some really cute things!

    It's funny seeing that I still emotionally shop, I've just changed the direction and it's kids things instead of clothes I'm buying!

    Hope that your weekend is going well :) We are all staying home and staying safe.

    Away From Blue

  7. Oh I love the look of that necklace. I love anything to do with star signs so I'd love one for my starsign xo

    Makeup Muddle