Second Fresh Start

While I didn't start off the year with any grand resolutions, particularity with regards to my shopping habits as I have in past years, as I was starting to compile my January budget post I came to a somewhat upsetting realization about the number of things I managed to buy in just one month. It started off innocently enough, as it always does, those extra 40%-70% off sale price ads start invading my inbox, instagram feed, and just about anywhere else wifi touches. I think there is no harm in placing an order just to try something, and then it snowballs.

I may or may not have gotten three coats today.

I know I need a hard reset, but I don't know how to combat the temptation without removing myself from my internet connected life. I also need to find something to fill the void I keep trying (and failing) to fill with clothes.

 brown teddy coat, pom pom beret, button fly jeans, coach bag, rothys-8.jpg brown teddy coat, pom pom beret, button fly jeans, coach bag, rothys-3.jpg brown teddy coat, pom pom beret, button fly jeans, coach bag, rothys-4.jpg brown teddy coat, pom pom beret, button fly jeans, coach bag, rothys-9.jpg brown teddy coat, pom pom beret, button fly jeans, coach bag, rothys-2.jpg
The Rundown
Cable Knit Sweater Banana Republic
Button Fly Jeans Gap similar
Plush Fleece Coat J.Crew
Pointed Flats Rothy's
Pom Beret Madewell
Vintage Coach City Bag thrifted similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx


  1. It took me a while to really kick the habit of unnecessary buying. I still feel a strong urge to buy things but am able to stop at the checkout stage when sticker shock sets in. I still shop and add tons of things to my cart, I just don't follow through. It's hard and sad to not be able to buy as many things, but it's definitely better for my wallet (especially with my slow work months lately)

  2. That is such a cosy coat! And I definitely don't judge you for buying three coats - given that your weather necessitates them, and I myself bought 3 kimonos this month, haha! My monthly purchase post that will be going up shortly is a lot bigger than I expected!

    Hope that you are having a great week :)

    Away From Blue

  3. While I definitely don't think I've totally ceased my habit of sinking money into things i don't truly need, I find I'm getting a little better but it's . something I have to often very consciously think about in order to stop myself. I try a bunch of things to distract myself when I start randomly clicking on targeted ads (put the phone or computer down for at least 5 minutes and walk around, play a game on my phone, etc) but it has been working ... a bit.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. Curbing my shopping took me a while, what really helped was having a strict budget and specific financial goals. (as in be debt free, save this amount by this or that time, have x amount in my emergency fund)

    I still want a shit ton of stuff but since they don't fit in my budget I can't buy them. I leave a little extra on the side for when I really want something but if I was expecting to not be interested in clothes all of the sudden, then I would have never beat this habit. Also having hobbies that don't involve the internet, stop following shopping bloggers et... It's hard but you can do it.

  5. Three coats. Oh boy. There is a lot to unpack there. But I recognise that temptation is constant and very real, and it's entirely too easy to want to use clothes to make up for other things, because while other things disappoint, clothes never do. Especially coats :\ I wish I had a magic solution for you, but the truth is it was only having income and needing to pay my mortgage plus rent in Paris that helped me curb my shopping (a bit) and how much I spend still ebbs and flows depending on how happy I am with other things in my life. At least you have a beautiful wardrobe...?

  6. hahahaha! I can totally relate, girl! it's hard to not buy something every single day. I have made myself think about each purchase for at least a whole day before pulling the trigger.

    xx rebecca //

  7. Ugh yes! I have tried to not open sale emails unless I know I have money to spend. That helps me a ton not seeing what I'm missing out on.

  8. LOVE that coat and the way you styled it!! And that hat is just darling!


  9. You look so cute! And I totally understand! I actually don't shop much but there was a time that I did. And you would die if you saw how many coats I have - it's an embarrassing amount lol!


  10. Oh it is a lovely coat though and it is SO easy to be tempted!
    I buy so much less now and still appreciate clothing, but buy more for my kids. i guess Marie Kondo's philosophy has really gotten to me. i buy things that aren't just cute, but I can wear for a while. While I may spend more, I want to have less and am happy with that. It also helps to live in an apartment so my stuff is limited anyway!

  11. That outfit is so cute!! That coat looks so comfy and so warm!

  12. If you're going to buy anything during this season, coats are a great option. They're practical, so totally something that's worth purchasing - and even splurging on! Love this one you're wearing!

  13. Haha...I love the idea of a second fresh start...because why not?! And love me a good teddy coat...they're my fave! xoxo, Sarah

  14. I am in love with this coat! It is amazing and so perfectly styled with your adorable hat. I'm thinking of doing no-spend March this year and seeing how that goes!

    xo Laura Leigh

  15. OMG I love those jeans! They are so cute!

  16. I am out of control and with no north so i am not the best person to give any advice now -
    BUT, i do think that 3 coats is a lot.