Past Season Favorites

As much as I love shopping and having a constant rotation of new pieces to share - believe you me, springtime is my favorite season to shop and a lot of 'add to cart' has been going on here - my ultimate goal is to have a closet full of pieces I love and can style again and again.

The Denim Jacket
I found this jacket in 2013 and haven't craved a new denim jacket since. It was a long search for just the right wash, length, and level of distressing. Plus price always counts and I know I managed to get this from Gap at a discount. My choice proved to be on the money, since Gap is still selling a near identical jacket today - pick it up and hopefully keep it in your closet forever.

The Wrap Dress
I've always had a soft spot for wrap dresses, as they are one piece which can be relied upon to always accentuate my hourglass figure. I love when designers include a hook eye at the bustline, because that is usually the easiest way to make things a little more work appropriate, however I'm not opposed to adding a safety pin when needed. While this dress carries the current trend of 'the' leopard print, I don't see it falling from regular rotation all too quickly.

The Two Tone Shoe
Chanel's two tone slingback has been around since 1957 and isn't going away anytime soon. That shoe was my main inspiration when I had the chance to design this pair with Shoes of Prey (now defunct, so sad!) While I could have easily chosen a slingback style, I decided I didn't have to have an outright copy and selected a d'orsay silhouette instead.

The Ring Shoulder Bag
When Chloe introduced their Faye shoulder bag with its signature ring in 2015 it quickly became a must have piece. The 70's inspired bag felt just as fresh four years ago as it does now with new styles still being created and plenty of bags taking the inspiration as this Banana Republic bag did in 2016. While I frequently settle for 'designer inspired' over owning actual designer pieces I still try to look for quality items I'm going to want to wear for many years.

Pearl Leash
Even Chloe has her past season favorites! This pearl Fabuleash was a TJMaxx find back in 2011 for a mere $7.50. She wears it a lot and always loves the extra bit of glam. I don't know why I never got her the matching collar!

 leopard wrap dress, denim jacket, suede ring bag, toe cap pumps, bichon-17.jpg leopard wrap dress, denim jacket, suede ring bag, toe cap pumps, bichon-8.jpg leopard wrap dress, denim jacket, suede ring bag, toe cap pumps, bichon-1.jpg leopard wrap dress, denim jacket, suede ring bag, toe cap pumps, bichon-13.jpg leopard wrap dress, denim jacket, suede ring bag, toe cap pumps, bichon-7.jpg leopard wrap dress, denim jacket, suede ring bag, toe cap pumps, bichon-15.jpg
The Rundown
Leopard Wrap Dress via Poshmark similar
Denim Jacket Gap similar
Toe Cap Pumps "Varesse 70" Shoes of Prey similar
Suede Accordion Bag Banana Republic similar
 Filigree Stud Earrings Thrifted similar
 Layered Charm Necklace c/o Grand Avenue Jewelry
 Cloudy Agate Bracelet J.Crew
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Dog Chloe
Pearl Leash Fabuleash

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  1. Your leopard print wrap dress is seriously gorgeous! I checked out all your past season favorites and you nailed it! I own a cap toe two toned shoes as well and love it!

  2. I totally agree with this philosophy! Great to have tried and true pieces that will last!

    xx rebecca //

  3. That leopard dress is so pretty and flattering! I also really love it paired with the light denim jacket!


  4. Love that you love your denim jacket too! I found mine forever ago and wear it with everything! Always a favorite of mine!

  5. Yep, you always need this pieces that will last for years and you can update with new pieces.

  6. The wrap dress, jean jacket and two tone shoes are must haves and these pieces can take you places. Love the look and I had to smile at seeing Chloe :) although I know she's not thrilled to be there.

  7. This reinforces for me, yet again, that I need to ramp up my search for the elusive, yet necessary, perfect denim jacket. And now an awesome printed wrap dress, which I didn't know I needed until just now when I saw your amazing leopard print one.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. I absolutely LOVE that leopard print dress. You look great.


  9. I love the combo of the denim jacket with the leopard wrap dress!

  10. Such a cute wrap dress and I agree so much - some pieces are classics that you just want to wear again and again, I am trying to make sure everything I buy has that kind of staying power but I do make a few impulse buys now and then, haha!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start! I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From Blue

  11. The wrap dress is gorgeous on you! I'm with you and love classic pieces and am now willing to pay more for them too. The shoes are lovely - what a shame they no longer make them!

  12. Love this outfit babe! & denim jackets and wrap dresses are such great closet staples!

    cute & little

  13. Love having key pieces in my wardrobe I can wear time and time again without them going out of style. Love your leopard dress too! Xo

  14. I love denim jacket. The denim jacket has always been in fashion for as long as can be remembered, ever since entering the fashion scene.

  15. I think I feel about my trench coat what you feel for your denim jacket. I spent years hunting for the perfect one, and settling for many that weren't quite what I wanted but felt "good enough" for now, until I finally found the one. But once you do find the one, it makes you wonder why you ever bothered with anything else. I've never really been a denim jacket girl myself, but I love the way you've dressed down your leopard dress and classic pumps with this one. And, of course, I just love the photos in general since Chloe makes an appearance - and with her pearl leash, no less!

  16. I love your style and that leopard dress is something I would totally live in!

  17. It was so fun reading this because when I started seeing all the things you loved written down, I got even more excited to see them put together as an outfit in the photos. All such great pieces!

  18. Such a pretty dress! And yes I agree -- creating a closet full of items you can mix and match is a must!

  19. I love this- I have so many items that have been in the closet for AGES and aren't going anywhere soon. They are classics- love this dress on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. I love pieces that can carry with you through time. Those shoes are a classic and I love a good denim jacket!

  21. Wrap dresses are my life! I love how versatile and how flattering they are on every body type! I’m really into prints lately and hope they continue to be a driving force!

    Xo Logan

  22. We just may be style twins Lydia! I absolutely love all of these pieces, both together and separately. Leopard looks amazing on you! I'm the same way as far as "adding to cart" a lot in Spring - I've come to realize that it's truly my favorite season because there's a mix of weather. Also who can resist all the lovely dresses? Great outfit

  23. Lovely dress you have here dear! Loving the classic leopard print. Also, your pooch is super adorable!
    Jessica |

  24. Excellent photography shoots and well designed dress which is very inspirational views of this blog. Thank you so much!

  25. I love this look made up of favorites!

  26. Absolutely love your wrap dress :) xx

  27. Thanks for sharing such information with us, Captain James Kirk Jacket It was so nice to know about this all.

  28. The trends this season are going to be lots of fun and I am impressed with how you put your own spin to make your look all you!

  29. I love this look it is indeed timeless! Chloe's leash is the best accessory ever I need one! (Boy dogs can still have a pearl leash, right??)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  30. I love all of you favorites!! How adorable is the pearl leash and you pooch??

    xx, Elise

  31. Love your picks! I see we have some overlaps! You look super cute in that dress btw💛

  32. love the black capped pumps; gives a Chanel-esque vibe to the look!!
    Love, Joua Look Luxe For Less

  33. I love this outfit! So perfect for spring.

  34. I'm so sorry to hear this Lydia! Losing a beloved pet is 100% like losing a family member and I don't know what I'm going to do when my guy goes. Thinking of you!

    District of Chic