Peaks of the Week

I'm just going to say it, it has not been a very good week. The weather for the first week of June has been less than stellar; Apple didn't announce any new hardware, so I'll have to wait until September; work has been painfully slow and I've mostly been alone, so the days have really dragged; Kate Spade died, and it makes me sad to learn how unhappy she must have been; and I've wasted far too many hours searching for a hat I don't need.

It's just another quest in an endless pursuit of 'the magical item that is going to change everything'. I know hat is a hat and wearing it will not make my photos come out better, nor will it make my blog more popular, find me a new friend, boyfriend, or job. It will keep the sun off my face, because it's a hat.

Yet I search, during all the in-between time on my phone. The late hours when I should be sleeping, the early ones before I'm ready to face the day. Trying to find the perfect hat, at the best price, and with free shipping. If only I could channel that energy into a more constructive activity. One that will actually elicit the changes I want, rather than just becoming another thing in an overstuffed closet.

Cee published her second book, Before the World Opened, and I can't wait to read it!

How social media is changing the way we adopt dogs.

❖ The makeup we love comes with a 90% markup.

❖ I'm just as guilty of ogling over the tiny houses as the next person, but one thing they are always devoid of is daily living, which might not be all it's cracked up to be.

❖ Everything really is click bait, and it's nuts.

We really are truly distracted.

❖ Alissa's call to action for bloggers to give more consideration to their content.

Who wears the pants.

❖ Influencers work seven days a week, with no paid vacation, and the constant pressure to be creating new content and stay relevant, or risk losing it all. Are we surprised they are getting burnt out?

❖ Kimberly talks about finding balance with her blog.

A history of yearbook trends. I guarantee there are plenty of 'wuz ^'s in my middle school yearbook.

Potential 'magic' hat.

Alternate potential 'magic' hat.


  1. I am so flattered to have made this list - thank-you! And sadly, I know the feeling of searching for the perfect item that will change everything all too well. For me, last week, it was a pair of woven leather mules. They arrived yesterday and while they are beautiful and I love them, they didn't change anything except the number of pairs of my shoes that I can't find space for in my closet :/

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough week - that really stinks. But I guess the bright side is that next week will hopefully be better, right? I know that probably reads as trite but my biggest comfort in a bad time is always the knowledge that change is inevitable as time moves forward. Also, off topic, I really enjoyed that article about women and pants.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. I am sorry it hasn't been a great week. Your comments about the search for a hat did make me laugh though. I have totally done the same thing convinced said item will change my life.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I think we can all relate, yet you bring up the exact point I have to remind myself of daily----work on what I want to change. Do I do it? Sometimes. Do I still search for my hat? Sometimes. I ask myself many days, why the lure of new clothing makes me so excited when I have so many fabulous things already in my closet. Heck...if you find the answer to that, you will help us all.
    Needless to say, I do want a hat that only has the rim in the front and not in the back. I just saw a couple yesterday, and now I feel like I need one. Then when I have it on in the car, it'll be so much easier!!
    Sending hugs and love, Lydia!!

  5. I think we can all confess to spending far too much time for an elusive item! Good luck with your search!

  6. I'm sorry it's been a rough week. Sometimes you need to just zone out and shop or search for something. I hope next week is better! I'm off to check out that article about the tiny homes--I can't imagine living like that. Great for some people, but I need my space!

  7. Yeah, I hear you. It's been a hell of a week, while I am glad its over there is nothing better for the one ahead. At least in my case-
    Hopefully tomorrow I can find something to cheer me up at a street market that is 13 blocks long.

  8. Sorry to hear you've had a tough week - and don't feel bad about the hat search. I used to be such an emotional shopper - Is till am sometimes, but I'm much more aware of it now. It's just a way of coping with stress, feeling bad about it will just stress you out more!

    The article on the Youtubers was an interesting one, given I'm starting to get back into YouTube this year. I'm lucky that blogging/youtube is not and never will be my source of income so I can take breaks when needed, but I know some people aren't as lucky and feel the pressure to always be present.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend to end your less than perfect week :) We had a birthday party yesterday so today is just relaxing and recovering from that, ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Hope you're weekend has been good.

  10. Sorry to hear that you had a difficult weak. I hope the situation will getting better soon.