June Closet Additions

This month I tried to rein in my shopping. I actually wasn't too bad.

The poor reception via Instagram Story Poll of the red and white Topshop dress I got last month left me feeling doubts about it. I decided to go to the Westfarms mall to return it (the only one with a Nordstrom near me) and while I was there I spotted the red and white wrap dress I really wanted at H&M. It had been sold out online forever, so I was delighted to see one lone dress on the racks. It was a size 10 and I probably could have sized down to an eight, but the wrap dress design made it easy to cinch in the waist a little. I got a 20% off coupon for subscribing to text messages so that it wouldn't cost more than the Topshop dress I'd just returned.

This month there was also some eBay shopping. I'd become taken by the polka dot dress resurgence and especially liked this Reformation dress. But at $218 I wasn't going to do it. So I took to eBay and after losing a couple auctions, I finally scored at silk brown polka dot dress for $24. The Reformation dress isn't even silk! I did have to hem the dress, which took more mental effort than physical (I'm always convinced I'm going to ruin things) but I did it, and it came out great.

The second item was due to an eBay saved search I'd had forever. It was for a particular Kate Spade dress, I'd wanted ever since I saw it on Classy Girls Wear Pearls. In 2016 I got a different dress from the collection, but I still wanted this one. Finally last week the dress, in my size, new with tags (not that I would have even cared) popped up. The buyer had it listed as buy it now for $150 or best offer, so I made an offer, and it was instantly accepted! Am I nuts? Yes. Do I care? Maybe a little.

While I know I've already got a field jacket, it's from Old Navy and got discolored under the arms (some bad reaction to deodorant, maybe?) so when I saw this J.Crew Factory one at Coco's on the Green, I rationalized it was a good deal and I'd just use it to replace my old jacket.

As for the Nordstrom hat - I haven't gotten it yet, but I included it anyway. Until next month!

H&M Red Floral Print Wrap Dress, $50
Brixton Joanna Hat, $44 at Nordstrom
AUrate Gold Circle Earrings, $90 c/o
Kate Spade Florence Broadhurst Matty Dress, $97 via ebay
J.Crew Factory Field Jacket, $21 via Coco's on the Green
Kate Hill Polka Dot Shirt Dress, $24 via ebay


  1. I thought that dress looked different than the Topshop one! I clearly hadn't had enough caffeine when I was commenting the other day... This one really does suit you so perfectly, and it was clearly meant to be yours since it was just waiting for you at H&M. Personally, I'm really hoping the same thing will happen to me with a pair of white denim culottes I've been eyeing... My shopping this month was minimal until about midway through, when my work stress doubled. Suddenly, my shopping list doubled, too :P

  2. I'm down for olive green anything!

  3. That wrap dress is gorgeous!! What a great find. And it sounds like the Kate Spade dress was meant to be as well, I'm sure you'll hold on to it forever. I love that print!

  4. I was doing really, really good with my shopping this month until it all fell apart yesterday when I did a bunch of impulse online shopping late at night instead of my usual "put it in the cart and then go to bed and check the cart again in the morning" routine. Sigh.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I love the wrap dress you got! Red, wrap, and that length are always a combo I love.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. What a STEAL! I love it when you can find something like that at Ebay! I haven't yet but I am holding out hope that I can snag a pair of killer shoes or something like that!

  7. So pretty - everything is so lovely and I always love browsing through peoples wish lists and selections, there's so many beautiful items and I always end up wanting to go shopping haha!

    Layla x


  8. Solid buys, that Kate Spade dress is amazing, I love that pattern! Can't wait to see how you style it!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  9. Great picks Lydia, especially the wrap dress from h&m! It sounds like it was meant to be! And you know how I feel about polka dots ;)

  10. Love that red dress! Such a great purchase! And that field jacket too. I still need to buy one, haha.

  11. You did such a good job on that red wrap dress - it's a beauty, and it's amazing you got an extra discount on it too! :) You've had some awesome luck this month, with the NWT dress on ebay too! I seem to have very little luck on ebay here - it's hard when shipping is easily $10 it makes more sense to browse the sale section of a store instead!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. Loving your June closet additions. I'm also adding all the dresses to my wardrobe, plus yes, yes, to finding great scores on ebay. I often search for designer bags, sunglasses and accessories. I've found some amazing deals!! xo


  13. There is nothing better than getting a good deal and still add some discount to it. I really like the dress from Kate Spade - it looks fun, elegant and classic but the print gives it a little bit of edge. Love your selection.

  14. That Kate Spade dress really caught my eye! It's so pretty and I love the print!

  15. Don't you just love it when an items you've had in the back of your mind shows up like it was meant to be ?
    You picked up some key and worthy pieces Lydia, at reasonable prices. On Saturday I went to the consignment shop and picked up 13 items....

  16. Cute picks you have here dear. That red wrap maxi dress is really lovely. Looks so breezy and comfy, so perfect for summer!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com