Venturing North

This weekend I met up with Courtney of Live Lovely Photography, we had coffee at Oxford Baking Company and ended up chatting for hours. She then showed me a couple of her favorite spots in Woodbury and took outfit photos for me. It's crazy to think having lived in this state my whole life, there are still so many towns I've never been to, so many cute places I haven't seen. It's easy to scroll through instagram and get hung up on all the exciting places in New York or Los Angeles, but I know if I were to take the time, I could find amazing spots right in Connecticut.

Focusing more on what my home state has to offer is something I've been trying to do more of over the last few years, not just for the sake of content, but for my own benefit! While I was chatting with Courtney she told me she had a whole list of places to visit, and I need to take a page from her and set about discovering all of Connecticut's little gems.

 burgundy sweater dress, navy coat, over the knee boots-14.jpg burgundy sweater dress, over the knee boots.jpg burgundy sweater dress, navy coat, over the knee boots-17.jpg burgundy sweater dress, over the knee boots-5.jpg burgundy sweater dress, navy coat, over the knee boots-18.jpg burgundy sweater dress, over the knee boots-4.jpg burgundy sweater dress, navy coat, over the knee boots-13.jpg burgundy sweater dress, over the knee boots-6.jpg burgundy sweater dress, navy coat, over the knee boots.jpg
The Rundown
Burgundy Sweater Dress Target similar
Navy Coat Mark New York via South Moon Under similar
Grey Over the Knee Boots Ivanka Trump similar
Fur Bag Vintage via Roundabout similar
Earrings Susan Roberts
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Gold Ring Thrifted
Nail Color "Couture Curator" Essie



  1. I truly think that that part has been the best part of blogging lately---finding new and interesting places in my own area!! And my mom and Nancy have enjoyed that too---even though it means changing clothes in some funny places...ha ha!!
    That purse is the best!!

  2. It's easy to overlook how much a place has to offer if you're there day in and day out. And Connecticut really does have such a rich history, I imagine it's practically bursting with cute and charming towns. Central Canada is, admittedly, a little less like that, but moving back to my hometown after ten years, it really has struck me how many lovely spots I took totally for granted when I was growing up... and that, after spending ten years living in a much newer city where almost all of the historical buildings have been bulldozed, I really missed living in a place where that is appreciated, at least to a degree. I love the look the Shove Building and I can't wait to see what other Connecticut places you'll venture.

  3. Such pretty locations!! I love those earrings, they're so cool!
    I need to explore CT more too, but I'm just so lazy and don't want to drive to places I've never been, hah

  4. I absolutely adored my time in Connecticut, there are so many wonderful and historic things to see. I'm so glad you're doing some exploring (I wish I had done even more!).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I love that you are taking advantage of smaller towns near you. It always amazes me how much there is to offer locally that we don't know about!

  6. I think there are hidden gems and many cities and places in every state. I certainly don't go out enough to see it all here in lovely Michigan. I need to explore more and start taking my photos out in different areas of the city. I love a good sweater dress. You are so polished. The little rings and earrings and that fur bag make me so happy!

    Welcome by Thursdays and join my style linkup pretty lady. Come share your awesome style with me and my readers. =)

    Thanks, Ada. =)

  7. Good looking and idea 'chic on the cheap'! I often have cheap outfits, too :D Great blog <3

  8. A beautiful dress in a great color and a perfect match with those boots!

  9. Your hair looks so good Lydia !
    The picture with the yellow house as a backdrop is my fave here.

  10. What a cute area! We never do any exploring around us. We should and it would be fun, but there just never seems to be enough time. Love that dress + boots!


  11. finding new cute spots is the best and this is such a great winter look, love that bag.


  12. What a lovely dress! you've layered it beautifully!

    So fun you got to catch up and visit somewhere new too, it does make a lovely backdrop for outfit photos :) I've seen so many nice spots for photos, but with two little ones in tow every time I'm out it's just not possible - maybe once they are older I'll break away from my usual spot at home, haha!

    Hope you are having a nice start to the week! Our heatwave is starting to end so I'm welcoming the slightly cooler weather! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. That's awesome you are meeting with other influencers and creatives and discovering different parts of your state. Love your photos and that bag! Loving the bag.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  14. Great outfit! Love the colour on you and that it also looks incredibly comfortable too!

    The Hidden Thimble

  15. What a beautiful place, with lots of IG-worthy sights. Indeed, it's very easy to overlook the beautiful places if you're living in it. This is why it's always good to take some time-out and walk around your city. By the way, love how your sweater dress perfectly fits you dear. Cozy and edgy coat too.

    Jessica |

  16. What a chic outfit! I love those boots. I like the idea of exploring your state or city. I might have to take that as well!

    Nicole to the Nines

  17. I'm so lazy when it comes to finding locations for outfit pics, but it is a good excuse to explore the town :)

  18. Love finding cute new places close to home! You look so chic and Im in love with that bag!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles