February Closet Additions

I didn't go too overboard with shopping this month, though I did get tempted by some discounts. A postcard from J.Crew appeared in my mailbox offering me $50 towards any purchase, which I thought was pretty generous, and I was not about to let it go to waste. It of course reminded me of one of Sean's favorite expressions "That's how they get ya", as in, send me a tempting coupon to get me in the door and then I will spend likely double that amount, because it's J.Crew after all. I did really want this silk bodysuit, but at $118 I would have spent well over my coupon. So I went with my second choice, a wrap blouse, and only had to shell out $5 from my own pocket. Who got who?

Another purchase prompted by a discount was a solid gold ring from Etsy. I saw there was an Amex offer this month for a $10 statement credit on any purchase over $40 at Etsy. Back in 2013 I purchased a gold filled ring to wear on my index finger, and you might have noticed I wear it nearly every day. These days it's been looking more dull silver than gold, and wanted to replace it with a solid gold version. I kind of wish I'd gotten one slighter thicker than I did, but at least it's nice and shiny.

While I don't typically include undergarments in my closet addition posts, I did want to mention the bralette I purchased this month. It's Cosabella's Never Say Never Curvie Bralette and it's the first bralette I've found designed for women larger breasts and smaller rib cages. While I wouldn't typically spend $55 on something I'm literally just going to wear around the house (and probably on long flights) I have to admit it's really nice to have a comfy, wireless bra to lounge in. Plus it motivates me to transition from PJs into "I could possibly leave the house in this" clothes on weekends when I don't have a.m. plans. Also Bare Necessities seems to perpetually offer 15% off, so I took advantage of that as well.

Other than that, I made a totally impulsive purchase of a cute pair of PJ pants from Ann Taylor's sale rack, and nabbed that BR wrap blouse I'd been eyeing when it was 40% off.

The Gap Friends and Family sale starts March 7th, and is a good time to stock up on denim, since it's typically excluded from sales. I'm looking to replace both my black and white skinnies as the black have faded and white are hopelessly stained. Other than that, I need to work harder at abstaining from shopping so much! My 2008 MacBook Pro is starting to show its age and I need to focus on saving for its replacement. Fingers crossed the MacBooks get a refresh this summer!

J.Crew Wrap top in foulard floral, $5 after discount and coupon
Ann Taylor Celestial PJ Pants, $25
Etsy Thin Gold Ring, $40
Banana Republic Wrap Top, $2 after credit card rewards
Cosabella Never Say Never Curvie Bralette, $47

Gifted Items
SAS Moxie Pumps in Bone
Vionic Loafer Mules in Silver
Ann Taylor Dot Chiffon Blouse (from my mom)


  1. I had to laugh about your silk wrap top - when you only had to pay $5 for it, the question really does become who got who? (Although, it also makes me ask a lot of questions about where J. Crew is doing their manucfacturing that they can afford to basically give clothes away, but that's nother story entirely...) I want to say I've mostly abstained from shopping this month but it was only clothes shopping if I'm honest, because I wanted to - and did - spend my money on a camera, instead. So in the end, I definitely spent the same amount, or may even more, than I usually do in a month...!

  2. You did really good this month - who got who indeed! I can't wait to see you sporting your new ring.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. That bralette is such a stunner. Good shopping pick!


  4. That J.Crew top was an incredible deal! I always try to use coupons like that too. It's fun to go in and try to find the best deal you can. You definitely succeeded!

  5. Those pj pants are too cute! And yay for only spending $5 over the coupon cost!
    I have a triangle Cosabella bralette that I LOVEEE and want in more colors. It's called the Dolce I think. Waiting for another good deal on Gilt since I absolutely don't need another one, haha.

  6. I think you did so well this month--all your purchases seem so well thought-out! I love the wrap blouse and you really got the coupon's worth out of that I think! You got them, ha! And I'm still in love with the silver slides. They are gorgeous, if quite a bit out of my budget :)

  7. I think those coupon deals are a great way to try some new items that you maybe wouldn't buy! And you did fabulous this time with only spending $5---I call that successful!!

  8. So many pretty addictions! I am obsessed with that black ruffley top!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  9. Oh I would spend a $50 off voucher too! You did well minimising your spending by getting something close to the $50 mark, I try to do that too :) Sometimes I got a little overboard though, ha!

    I love wrap tops so nice to see you got a couple of them this month - they are such a fun style!

    Hope you are having a great week so far! First day of autumn here in Brisbane, although the weather is still very summer-like, ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. great deal on this J.Crew top and you got some cute stuff this month.


  11. Yesss- you totally schooled JCrew, I love it. They always seem to get me, lol.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Whoa ! YOU got them ;)
    You bought so many nice things Lydia. I don't even want to do my recap...

  13. Gorgeous picks dear! I love the Ann Taylor Celestial PJ Pants and the Vionic Loafer Mules in Silver. I think they would make a great pair.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com