A Touch of Vintage

I think it's fun that square neck scarves are trending again, I have a small collection that belonged to my grandma as well as some I picked up at a thrift store in high school, when I definitely did not wear them. It's strange to think I'd buy something with no intention of wearing it, but just because it was made of silk and pretty, I assigned it value. A couple years ago I started tying them on my purses, still not believing I could 'pull it off' around my neck. But if I've learned one thing over these near ten years of blogging, it's that I can 'pull off' anything I want as long as I believe it.

I can't give myself alone credit for that belief. It is only through seeing other bloggers wearing pieces with confidence and beauty that I am able to see the same for myself. It is a powerful thing.

Is there anything another blogger has inspired you to wear or try?

 grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag-25.jpg grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag-19.jpg grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag.jpg grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag-22.jpg grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag-21.jpg grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag-20.jpg grey pea coat, striped tee, neck scarf, vintage fur bag-24.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Shirt L.L. Bean thrifted
Yoga Jeans Second Denim via Coco & Vera's Giveaway
Grey Wool Peacoat J.Crew Factory similar
Booties "Calixta" Cole Haan similar
Fur Bag Vintage via Roundabout similar
Polka Dot Silk Neck Scarf Thrifted similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Couture Curator" Essie



  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who bought and acquired silk scarves in high school with no intention of actually wearing them...! I did somehow make one into a belt once, I think it was on the first day of twelfth grade. Thinking back now, I genuinely have no idea how I managed to get it around my waist. Later one, I tried tying them to my purses for a while, but always found they got dirty that way. The neck scarf trend, however, is one I like on others but can't ever imagine trying myself. I have been seeing other bloggers tie silk scarves onto their ponytails, though, and I admit that look does intrigue me.

  2. I adore the neck scarf! I have one and have yet to wear it because it's always hot here!

  3. So true, blogging made me start wearing red lipsticks and now I'm obsessed. I love this look.


  4. Confidence is key to rocking any styles! I always get inspired by other bloggers :) some of my most creative outfits are from inspiration!! Your neck scarf looks so beautiful, a great classic look


  5. I've never tried a scarf like this but I have a small collection of them from my grandmother and think that maybe you've inspired me to give it a try!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. And you totally can pull it off! I can never seem to tie scarves correctly to wear like this so I stopped trying, hah! I'm sure there are some blogger things I've tried after seeing them soooo many times, but I can't think of what they are.

  7. I need to try this trend! You are so right about just having the confidence and belief that you can pull it off! Whenever I try it, I feel like I look like a flight attendant, but that is probably just me being too hard on myself! I love how it looks on you!

  8. Well you're totally inspiring me to try the square neck scarf. And I've been into the fanny pack/belt bag look that bloggers are doing as well.


  9. This happens to me all the time and you're making me think I should bust out one of my thrifted scarves ;-)

    District of Chic

  10. I think you are totally pulling off this look! I tried this scarf "trend" (if you can call it that--it's pretty classic) recently and didn't think I liked it on me, but the way you have yours tied here with the short ends makes me want to try again. So yes, I am constantly being inspired by other bloggers!

  11. I totally agree...it's quite powerful to see other women wear some trend and rock it, to make us realize that we too can wear the same thing.
    I have loved this trend in the last year or so. To me it seems so sophisticated and elegant.

  12. I love how you added the neck tie. It's a little reminder that spring is coming, even in the dull of winter. Thanks for sharing this cute look!



  13. Chic and elegant outfit!


  14. I think it was just the trendy girl in you picking up items because you liked them, which for me is valid. Little did you know back then you'd be a blogger and wear them beautifully for the world to see ;)
    Answering your question: YES I have been so inspired by so many bloggers to push the envelope and wear items in a certain way or wear certain items that I never thought I'd wear.