Friday Five Under $50 and Word of the Year

A lot of bloggers having been sharing words of the year - a word they have chosen to represent the mindset they want to have for the year. It wasn't something I'd thought about doing, but when paying close attention to my behaviors lately, I've realized that I need to focus.

Life is full of distractions. Sometimes I feel like I start to do something, and an hour later I find I've gotten distracted, started half a dozen other things, and not finished the first. I'll pick up my phone to see what time it is, instead look at my notifications, several minutes later put my phone down, and then realize I still don't know what time it is. Trying to limit phone time is something I want to do.

I often wonder how I find the energy to sink tons of time and effort into fruitless and frivious tasks, like trying to find the perfect ballet-inspired wrap sweater (hint, not this one, this one, or this one). Yet when it comes to sitting down and actually writing my blog post, I make excuses and procrastinate (too tired, too hungry, need to let the dog out). I know if I focused more on the blog, I could make it better. Even if the idea of it ever being more than a hobby is off the table, being a better expression of me and creating content that I truly love, which doesn't feel rushed or forced, should be higher up on my priority list than a sweater.

If I focused more on my job search, I could have applied to half a dozen jobs by now instead of one. If I focused more on the positive things in my life, I could probably be happier. As it is still Friday, I want to leave you with some fun, inexpensive things to shop for, and I also thought I'd share this article, "Things to give up if you want to be successful" because I liked a lot of the quotes and there was definitely some truth to it.

Baggu Round Canvas Shoulder Bag, $45 at Nordstrom
Short Sleeve Blouse, $10 at H&M
BP Split Leg Striped Pants, $55 (oops) at Nordstrom
Double Ring Belt, $7 at H&M
Dip Front Heeled Mules, $30 at Target


  1. Oh I don't know, that J. Crew wrap sweater is pretty darn close to some pieces I wore in my ballet days ;) I haven't given a word of the year much thought, or at least, I didn't think I had, but reading your post, I realised that I've focussed on an idea, as you seem to have without completely realising it. And I think it's exactly the opposite of where you're going. This year, I want to not drive myself so crazy trying to accomplish everything. Sometimes I'm so focussed on getting things done that I get really bogged down in just ticking things off my to-do list without asking myself what purpose doing them serves. We'll see how I do. In the meantime, I'm still shopping, and that $7 belt is an absolute steal!

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  3. I know that feeling, because there is so much going on around us.
    My word for the year is FUN. I tend to take everything so seriously, when life is really a game, and I might as well enjoy the journey....

  4. I've bookmarked that article to read with my coffee later today! I definitely need more focus in my list right now. I feel like, with Eleanor, I'm always so frazzled and trying to get 10 things done at once and it would just be so much better if I could compartmentalize things more and focus on only 1-2 things at a time (one of them will basically always be Eleanor). It's so much easier said than done though!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I like the idea of a word of the year. I find myself being easily distracted too.

  6. Yea...I feel like I need to focus more too. If I did I could probably find a few side jobs to do to supplement my current clients. Or work harder on the blog and finding partnerships....or any number of things.

  7. Focus is a great word for the year! I'm trying to focus on a different task every month, and right now it's all about dealing with clutter.

  8. I find it is very difficult to focus, especially now with two little girls needing me for one thing or another! I like that you are focusing on your focus this year and working to improve it! Good luck to you!

  9. That green blouse looks like it would drape beautifully when worn! :)

    'Focus' is a great word for the year too, I do the same thing with my phone, I'll go check the time then get distracted and forget. I do the same thing when I wear a watch though, glance at the time, think about something else and have to go back and double check as I'd forgotten the time, haha!

    I hope you do manage to focus more on the important things this year, whatever they are at the time :) As there is definitely times to focus on different things, don't feel bad for not doing everythign at ocne. We are only human and can only take on so much!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! Another extreme weather weekend here. So hot, we are staying near the air conditioner.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Those shoes are so cute. So funny how much we reflect at year end and the start of the new year. I hadn't really done it the last 2 years but this year I felt I needed more inspiration in life and it the reflection was MUCH needed. Focus for me, is focusing more on what I love and eliminating the stuff I didn't, or finding a way to learn to love it lol. Have a great week!


  11. Love the picks, especially those shoes. I am so bad about spending too much time on my phone.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. Man, I feel the same way about focusing energy in the right place: I can spend hours looking for an item or a chocolate chip cookie but sometimes getting myself to write just seems like such a pain. But then once I'm in that zone, I'm there, and the words flow from your fingertips.

  13. So many cute finds! Love the belt!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  14. Ooh I love that word and I'm intrigued for sure by the article you linked to. Heading to read it after this! I had a lot of similar thoughts when thinking about my word for this year, which is intention, and I think focus plays a big part in that as well.
    Love your picks too, especially that pretty green top!

  15. I could probably use that word too. FOCUS. Because I am so damn all over the place.

  16. Cute picks dear! That dip front heeled mule is effortlessly fab!

    Jessica |