Dressing for the cold

I've heard that there is no bad weather, only poor clothing choices. But after two weeks spent well below freezing everyday, I'd argue strongly for bad weather. Admittedly some clothing choices are more sensible than others. You won't see me out there with bare feet in a pair of pumps, cute as they may be. The taller the boot, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

I've always been fond of wool coats - as in, I've never owned one of those parkas meant to keep you warm and as covered as possible. I imagine one of those might have been nice these past few weeks, but I did okay in my wool. Longer is better, and always with some type of hat, glove, and scarf. This fur scarf was a christmas gift. Faux fur is great because it looks stylish while still being remarkably warm.

Underneath it all, a silk base layer under the sweater, fleece lined knee socks under jeans, and naturally, when not taking photos, all buttoned, and zipped straight to the throat.

It's supposed to get up to 50° later this week, so naturally we'll all be out getting ice cream.

 houndstooth coat, boots, wide brim fedora, fur scarf-12.jpg houndstooth coat, boots, wide brim fedora, fur scarf.jpg houndstooth coat, boots, wide brim fedora, fur scarf-14.jpg houndstooth coat, boots, wide brim fedora, fur scarf-8.jpg houndstooth coat, boots, wide brim fedora, fur scarf-13.jpg houndstooth coat, boots, wide brim fedora, fur scarf-10.jpg
The Rundown
Houndstooth Coat Kohl's similar
Merino Wool Sweater Gap
Black Jeans Old Navy
Boots "Jabine" Adrienne Vittadini similar
Huntley Tote c/o Joie similar
Wide Brim Fedora Goorin Bros. via ebay similar
Double O-Ring Belt Express
Faux Fur Scarf Target
Leather iPhone Gloves Glove.ly



  1. I love the coat with the added fur!! And yes...it's just so hard to get dressed when it's so cold out!

  2. I am completely with you on preferring wool coats. Years ago, I received a hand-me-down practical winter jacket with down lining. It was hideous. I think I wore it twice. It was, however, of very good quality, and recently I spotted my mom wearing it - I had to laugh because most days, I wear her long wool coat from the late 70s. Different coats work at different stages of life, I guess! But either way, wool will always look more stylish and you are doing a very admirable job of hiding the fact that you were probably freezing while these photos were being taken ;)

  3. You look very stylish for cold weather (much more so than I ever manage!). And I agree that a good faux fur scarf is pretty much a cold weather essential, for me at least.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. It's all about layering, isn't it?? Since I don't hang outside much, I don't have to worry about the way long coats. But the gloves, and scarves really help too!!

  5. So pretty! Love the pop of color, and you look amazing in that hat!


  6. This is such a fab winter look! I'm bundled up in a parka and a million layers, ha ha.

  7. I gotta admit, you can definitely make any weather work if you're wearing the right outfit. BUT, if it's freezing temps for weeks on end, then that's just bad weather in which no cute outfit can fix, lol.

    Anyway, I totally love this winter look. It'a amazing from head to toe. Man, I love a good faux fur stole/scarf.


  8. Love your cold weather style! You look chic but still practical. It's raining here in socal and that's the gist of our weather LOL

  9. This weather has been brutal, but you make it look bearable with this chic outfit. LOVE the hat, and the jacket is perfect. Stay warm!


  10. My friends teased me for wearing OTK boots all the time during a cold snap we recently had, but it was all function, not fashion! Those keep you so much warmer! Love that scarf you got! What a pretty color!

  11. Your pictures look amazing!! I absolutely adore this outfit on you!! Hope your week is off to an amazing start love! XO

  12. This is a chic winter wear outfit and I love it! Because I am always bundled up like a marshmallow! It is going to be 50 here too and omg I feel like I can wear a dress. Isn't it sad when weather gets that cold that anything above freezing is nice weather!


  13. This is such a stylish way to dress for the cold! I don't have any wool coats, only because it doesn't really get that cold in winter here. We don't get snow! I still like to layer adn wear my boots, but it's nowhere near freezing!

    Hope you are having a good week so far, and a lovely start to 2018!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. You can really never go wrong with Trench coat and over the knee booties. Love your fur scarf dear. Enjoy the cold weather while it lasts!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  15. So very elegant !
    One of the things I hate about the cold weather is how very heavy all the garments one wears to keep warm are..

  16. Haha! It's hard to be the cutest thing on earth when the weather is cold and dreary, especially with those fierce winds, but I'm glad you're getting through the worst of it. I'm generally a marshmallow all winter long who loves warmth more than fashion.