I accept who I am now, and look forward to becoming even better.

Every so often I have to remind myself that this blog is still very much a hobby for me, and that most days, I don't have any obligation to post, other than the obligation I put on myself. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I like my commitment to the blog, and I appreciate everyone who comes to read it. But there will still be some nights when I don't have the drive to make sure a post is scheduled for the next morning - nights when I just want to sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch "This Is Us" and not stress over a post title - still always the hardest!

I know I want to make changes this year, and I want them to stick, I want to be able to enjoy more and dread less, because why put up with a life full of dread at all? A thought that keeps nagging at me is, 'could I blog full time?' Yet I'm at a loss at how to bridge that gap. If you've made the leap, I'd love to hear about it.

 floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-7.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-5.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-1.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-3.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-6.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-4.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-12.jpg floral blouse, black cardigan, green box bag, suede flats-10.jpg
The Rundown
Floral Blouse Old Navy similar
Black Merino Cardigan Gap similar
Yoga Jeans Second Denim via Coco & Vera's Giveaway
Green Suede Flats "Adana" Banana Republic
Snakeskin Box Bag c/o Vintanthromodern similar 
Blue Teardrop Necklace c/o A Jewelry Crush
Beaded Bracelet Alex & Ani
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade similar
Gold Wrap Ring gift from Meg similar
Sunglasses "Glasgow" Ottoto c/o GlassesUSA


  1. I don't know how you blog and work full time, Lydia!! Blogging can definitely be so much work just by itself!!
    I love reading your thoughts, and getting inspiration from your outfits. Especially because you are cost conscious also!!
    I love these shoes you're wearing. Are you wearing hose with them? I tend to wear my boots all the time in the winter, but I'm starting to get antsy to rotate in my other shoes. But I'm also not willing to freeze my tootsies off! Ha ha

  2. I spent fourteen months blogging full time. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't for me. I had, up to that point, had a steady job with a regular pay cheque and benefits. Adjusting to chasing, sometimes for months, every payment for seriously hard work that I put in was frustrating at best and anxiety inducing at worst. Every month was different and I found the upheaval stressful. But more importantly, I actually found I had less creative control when I started to blog full time because I was working for brands, which meant I was promoting their agenda, rather than my own. That was, and still is, something I really disliked, which is why I do very few collaborations. My day job has some pretty ugly moments, don't get me wrong, but overall, I prefer it - I shut down when my eight hours are over and move on with my life. As a full time blogger, that isn't an option, and working all the time doesn't come with better pay, believe me. That said, I am a huge proponent of taking leaps and trying new things - many people love full-time blogging and you never know, it could be the best decision you had ever made. There's only one way to find out ;)

  3. Loved this outfit! Even though it started snowing ;)
    And yea, sometimes it is hard to motivate myself to make sure posts are ready. For me it's more of getting the photos done, once I have those it's easy-ish to get a post up.

  4. Well I know I need a routine to keep me focused, so blogging full time would not be an option. But you, I could see you doing this - however its something to sit down and establish a plan on and a contingency plan too...
    If I had to live off my blog, I'd be in the streets ;)

  5. I also am interested in hearing from people who blog full time. I could never leave my job. While there are certain perks of blogging, I need to eat. :)
    Love this look, your top is beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  6. I'm glad, to be honest, that I don't blog full time - sometimes I find the pressure doing it part-time and as a hobby to even be a bit much for me (even though I know it's all in my head).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. I know what you mean with the self-imposed pressure we out ourselves under for our blogs. I think it's good to be motivated to stick to schedules and things but in the end we shouldn't let it cause us unnecessary stress. I think making a living from a hobby (blogging or any other hobby) is a dream many people have, but you need to be really dedicated to it to make it a career. And I think I'll always prefer being able to keep things imperfect and take breaks whenever I like.

    Like others have said, is there a way you could try it? Take a little extended leave from your job and just blog for a few weeks?

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. It's crazy the amount of pressure we put on ourselves blogging, even when it's just a hobby! I try to remind myself that life comes first and somewhere way after that is blogging. It helps on those busy weekends to remind myself that I can just skip a post or two and it's really no big deal!

  9. First of all, I love this look! Second, I hear you about the blogging struggle. Blogging full time and being my own boss sounds awesome, but my blog is still very much a hobby. Most of the time I'm okay with that, but sometimes I want more.

  10. I've been trying to scale back the blogging, it is just so time consuming and stressful! Love this top on you, colors are fabulous!

  11. It's all about balance. Blogging is hard and time consuming, but if it's not making you happy find a way to do it that will. Everyone is different and we all do what works for us.

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  12. Lydia, there are definitely pros and cons on both ends. Do what is best for you! I like to have fun with my blog. I was a lot more serious when I first started, but not so much now. I've even cut back on my readership. But you have what it takes to go full time.

  13. Very nice outfit! These shoes are really pretty!