A Sunday well spent

Every day in the coming year, I develop new, positive habits that support my goals.

Routines. I'm trying hard to get into some better ones this year, one of which is attending church again. I wasn't sure if I'd get Sean on board, but he's been making an effort to get Sundays off, and has obliged me. The past two weeks of getting up, walking to church, and starting our day on such a positive note has been great. After mass we walk to a cute little breakfast place called The Corner, snap outfit photos, and are then ready to tackle the rest of day. Conveniently everything is in walking distance of our apartment, so we get a little exercise in too.

This weekend we had our first significant snowfall, and even though I was begrudging it to fall on a Saturday, rather than a nice weekday where I could use it as an excuse to stay home from work, I always do appreciate the beauty of a fresh coat of white on the world.

 navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-5.jpg navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-3.jpg navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-4.jpg navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-2.jpg navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-7.jpg navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-6.jpg navy fur coat, black boots, striped turtleneck, fur earmuffs-1.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Turtleneck Ralph Lauren via TJMaxx similar
Black Jeans Old Navy similar
Navy Faux Fur Coat Vintage similar
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on eBay similar
Bag "Lewis Drive Michela" Kate Spade similar
Leather Pom Matine
Fur Earmuffs TJMaxx similar
Leather Gloves J.Crew Factory similar
Pearl Anchor Bracelet Made by Me
Watch "Classic Sheffield" c/o Daniel Wellington



  1. Love this look! The coat looks so cozy!
    I haven't been to church in quite a while, but I hate the new woman they got to sing and the only mass where she doesn't sing is 7am...BARF! Ha ha

  2. I'm loving this warm and fuzzy coat. We also got snow and freezing cold temps that I'm not crazy about. Stay warm.

  3. Love this look & good for you for starting off the new year with good habits!


  4. Rob always says that he doesn't mind getting up early on the weekends, because it makes the day longer! But we end up going to church on Saturday evenings, because it's not as crowded!!
    I love your earmuffs. I just got some for Christmas, but I wasn't sure about them. It's nice to see them on someone else!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful Sunday plan! I love a Sunday filled with quiet routines. Oh and your hair looks gorgeous!

  6. Since Sunday is the last day of rest before the work week begins again, I think it's really important that you spend it in a way that will make you feel rested, refreshed and ready for the week - whatever that may be. Ian almost always works Sundays, and as long as I don't have plans, I let myself sleep until I wake up. Sometimes I go for brunch, sometimes I just stay home with a good book, but either way, my goal is to end the day not feeling sorry that the weekend was over but glad that I spent my day the way I did.

  7. I know you must be freezing but you look SO warm and cozy! I'm all about creating better routines this year, too.


  8. You look FABULOUS!!! I love your Sunday plan and love a good quiet routine!

    The Adored Life

  9. Great outfit! I love the colour of your fur coat, it's beautiful! kisses


  10. It's so nice that everything's in walking distance and so you get a little bit of a stroll in on Sundays. And what an awesome cost - I love it.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  11. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday! I really love your coat!


  12. Lydia, you look so cute! I love your outfit! I think it is awesome that you're getting back into going to church again and your boyfriend is to. It really makes a difference. With all the difficulties in the world today, we all need that positivity & encouragement. As a couple it strengthens you! It's also very cool that you go out to eat afterward. It makes for a very nice Sunday.

  13. OMG give me this ginormous tassel, I love it! Your Sunday sounds perfecr!


  14. I'm loving your coat! It looks super cozy and it's a great color. Also, I felt the same way about the snow! It was pretty, but why couldn't it have snowed on a weekday so we could maybe have a snow day? 😂

  15. Church is a big part of our lives and weekend too. I'm missing you a lot since Ivy has been born and we are not getting out. Your Sunday sounds perfect, and I am loving this outfit!
    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  16. This is such a beautiful navy faux fur, and I love that you're trying to get into better routines. I need to do this too!

  17. I love see you wear your fabulous collection of coats! And now I am loving those earmuffs!

  18. This coat is just gorgeous--what a great find! I love the navy color. It sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend...I'm a little jealous of all the snow everyone's having back home!


  19. You look so warm in that coat and I totally have my eye on that tassel. Which I will rather make than buy ;)

  20. I am not sure how I missed this post, but I love everything about it! the black and blue with stripes and furry earmuffs!! Amazing. Your coat is fabulous!

    xx, Elise