Farmers market blooms

New England weather means going from having air conditioning on one day, and heat the next. Not exaggerating there. I am woefully unprepared for cold weather, mostly in that I have yet to move any of my winter things into the apartment and was stuck shivering in my ballet flats and sandals during the cold spell.

Mentally and emotionally I am unprepared for the cold as well, and with any luck, we will resume proper fall temperatures for the remainder of the month. For at least the remainder of the week, summer outfits will be on the blog.

gingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-4.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-6.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-8.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-1.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-9.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-5.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-2.jpggingham knotted button down, white skirt, tote bag-7.jpg
The Rundown
Gingham Button Down J.Crew similar
White Skirt Jolly Chic similar
Sandals Franco Sarto via TJMaxx similar
Tote Dooney & Burke thrifted
Earrings Thrifted
Cuff Gorjana via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Bee Cuff Target
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "No Place Like Chrome" Essie



  1. I'm just getting over a nasty cold and it's only the beginning of Fall!

    Love this outfit and how you tied your top for a more playful look!

  2. I love this outfit. The flowers in the purse are the perfect finishing touch and burst of color! :D
    I'm sitting here with a glove on my mouse hand because for some reason it's always colder than my other hand (probably because that one can hide under a blanket)

  3. Oh, the joys of fall in the east - when I was growing up in Winnipeg, we really only had two seasons; summer and winter. Spring and fall lasted for only a matter of days each, if that, and sometimes it would go from negative temperatures to positive ones so warm that shorts were required within a single day. I admit that I still wonder how people can tolerate it; it definitely wasn't for me. So even if you are cold in reality, I'm going to continue happily living vicariously through your summer outfits because I am now officially in coat season here and fresh blooms, at this point, look far less than picture perfect (whereas yours are absolutely lovely, especially paired with your top!)

  4. I love this look! SO cute! I just need to get a white skirt to recreate it! I'll probably have to wait until Spring, however, because Fall seems to have really taken root here in VA already!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. Could you be any cuter? I want to recreate this entire look :)


  6. I am so happy that the weather here has finally started to turn a bit chilly (fall jackets!!!!). I hope you get hit with some proper fall weather soon.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. I love those blooms and your earrings. You are so dressed up, girly and pretty for the farmer's market. And yess for some sunshine, again.

  8. Pretty indeed !
    I saw a picture of your couch at the new place and it looked great :)

  9. I hear you with the weather changes! This outfit is lovely! Your bracelet looks so nice with it!

  10. Love that skirt with plaid, I have to recreate this look.


  11. I love this outfit and the burst of flowers in your bag! But, I hope you are able to get to your cold weather clothes soon :)

  12. Loving your gingham top! And white after labor day - whatta rebel! :) Love it!


  13. We had cold days today and yesterday and it totally freaked me out! haha... I've been wanting cooler weather but then it came and I didn't know what to do! It will be back to 100 degrees by this weekend though :-( This is a perfect summer look - white, gingham and flowers - love it!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  14. oh my goodness, you could not look any cuter! such a darling outfit!

  15. Your tied shirt is perfect with the shape of that skirt! I couldn't deal with the cold over the weekend...I'm happy it is a bit warmer now!

  16. I love the gingham shirt with the skirt! :)

    Our weather has been funny too - we had a really cold start to spring but this past week it's been wonderful, full summer temperatures! It's supposed to cool back down by the end of the week.Funny to know that the weather is keeping us on our toes, even on other sides of the world and different seasons! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. The weather here as been going back and forth too (although, we don't get as cold as you...we've been going from 90's to 70's), but I'm just ready fall weather to get here and stay here. Your flowers look so pretty with your outfit!

  18. This is such a pretty, classic look--I love the dark gingham with the bright white skirt. Our temperatures have been similar--we had to turn the heat on over the weekend, but we may have to go back to the AC by the end of the week... you just never know what it will be like in October!