Sweater Weather at Tanger Outlets

The Tanger Outlet shopping complex opened earlier this year at the Foxwoods resort casino in Mashantucket Connecticut, featuring 80 stores including all my favorites; J.Crew Factory, Kate Spade, Ann Taylor Factory, and Banana Republic Factory, just to name a few.

As the fall season is so clearly upon us, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Tanger Outlets and Foxwoods invited me to their "Sweater Weather" event. The first part of the day was a shopping contest, everyone had a gift card and one hour to purchase as many sweaters as they could without going over budget.

I brought Meg along as my 'teammate' and we hit the stores. Shopping under a ticking clock is no easy task, but I knew I'd rather make purchases that would be quality closet additions rather than grabbing 10 sweaters for $9.80 each at Forever 21. We also had Tanger Outlets 'Power of Pink' 25% off shopping passes for ourselves and to hand out to other shoppers for free (normally they cost $5 and the money goes to breast cancer research).

Taking advantage of every sale and offer we could, Meg and I each got two sweaters, I picked up a teal merino wool blend sweater at J.Crew Factory and a super cozy plaid coatigan at Ann Taylor Factory. Meg got at turquoise wrap sweater at Ann Taylor Factory and a cardigan at Charlotte Russe. Coming in exactly 11 cents under budget and heading back on time, we were feeling cautiously optimistic. Of course we didn't win, the winner had 11 sweaters from Old Navy. Though for the sake of my closet, I think I made the right choice in getting two sweaters I really love.

The second part of the event was at the Cedars Restaurant at Foxwoods and it was a drink mixing contest. With some sound guidance from our bartender Steve, I mixed up a few of my favorite spirits, Hendricks Gin, St. Germaine, and champaign along with lime juice and rimmed my glass with citric acid.

While I didn't get to taste everyone else's drinks, I'm sure it was a tough competition, so you can imagine my delight when I saw that I'd won!

After that Meg and I sat down for dinner at Cedars with Cait of Cait Plus Ate and her friend, and enjoyed some delicious food and great company.

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Thanks to Foxwoods and Tanger Outlets for hosting this event, as always my views and opinions are my own.

Some photos are my own, but most are courtesy of the lovely event photographer.



  1. This was definitely a fun day, even if we didn't win the sweater contest ;)

  2. It looks like you guys had a ball! Those drinks look amazing. Love your boots.

  3. I definitely think you should have been awarded points for making purchases from different stores - eleven sweaters just from Old Navy somehow seems like cheating, although I'm sure they were the most inexpensive place to go ;) Either way, this sounds like a really fun challenge and based on the photos, it looks like you had an absolute ball. I participated in a similar challenge a few years ago and although it was pretty high stress in the moment, I can't help but laugh thinking back on it!

  4. What a great event, it sounds really fun! And those drinks look sooo good :)
    xxx Fia from http://northwlnd.blogspot.com

  5. That sounds like so much fun. Glad you got to participate in it. Can't wait to see the sweaters you picked out. Who needs 11 Old Navy sweaters anyway? What did the winner get?

  6. Sounds like you guys did good at the sweater weather event! Gotta love a good sale and good food.


  7. Looks like you had a great start to Fall and picked up some wonderful sweaters along the way!

  8. What a fun event! I wish I had one of those martinis about now!

  9. Congrats on winning the drink contest. Seems like a fun event.

  10. This looks like so much fun- the last picture says it all!

  11. This looks so fun! I have a Tanger Outlet close by in Pennsylvania and I love it. Congrats on the winning drink!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  12. Looks like a fun event!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  13. Sounds like so much fun! I tried that plaid cardigan on over the weekend too, but they didn't have my size. Can't wait to see it on you!

  14. I'm with you. I probably would have spent it all on one or two sweaters, too! And congrats on winning the mixology contest! Maybe you found your calling? ;-)


  15. Sounds and looks like you girls had a blast:) Happy Tuesday morning, sweetie.

  16. That sounds like a fun contest, and I think you made the right decision to buy quality pieces that will last. And way to win the cocktail competition, that is awesome!!