A La Votre

Holiday shopping tends to result in few things ending up in my cart for myself, even when I'm trying my best not to; half off sales will forever be my kryptonite.

The Cheers Collector tee from J.Crew Factory was $18, and the knit hat, which I picked up at a holiday fair, was only $2. I wish I could say that was the extent of my purchases, but I'm guilty of others as well.

I just get so caught up in it all - the season of shopping. I love buying for others, and I love shopping for myself. It's good for my mental health, so I get a pass right? Sorry French Wardrobe Challenge, I'm a failure.

plaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans-1.jpgplaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans-2.jpgplaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans-4.jpgplaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans-5.jpgplaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans-7.jpgplaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans.jpgplaid blazer, cheers tee, black jeans-3.jpg
The Rundown
Cheers Collector Tee J.Crew
Plaid Blazer C.Wonder via TJMaxx similarsimilar
Black Coated Jeans Joe's via TJMaxx similar $
Black Loafer Pumps Ferragamo via Roundabout similar
Willis Bag Vintage Coach thrifted
Red Tassels Etsy via RinartsAtelier
Grey Knit Cap Handmade similar
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade
Pearl and Rhinestone Midi Ring Forever 21
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses "Cat Eye Combination" Cole Haan via TJMaxx
Nail Color "Lion Around" Essie



  1. You've got to cut loose a little during the holidays, right? And that blazer you're wearing is seriously awesome. I'm having a love affair with tartan right now...

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. nice outfit..i like your jacket and sunglsses

  3. Hey if this is failing then I want to fail too! I loooove the plaid blazer and the leather jeans. Great cap too and hey it's the holidays--no harm no foul!

  4. What a great look! love the plaid blazer and graphic tee!

  5. Great outfit! Love the plaid jacket!
    xo, Jane

  6. Shopping is real therapy and it costs less than a shrink. I love that jacket on you. Happy Holidays!

  7. Also guilty! There are so many good sales, it's so hard not to buy anything for myself. That blazer is really cute!

  8. Haha, shame on you! :p Loving the outfit though, the hat was a steal! (and totally a basic)

  9. I'm guilty of shopping for myself too! I love that tee!


  10. Oh, the French wardrobe challenge. I think about doing it again every season and every season I realise my wishlist is at least twenty-five items long and nothing, I repeat nothing, can be sacrified. Such is life. We're North American, I think we just have to embrace it. (And if it helps, every French woman I know shops just as much as we do. If not more.) And besides, I really think you needed this tee to go along with last year's Kiss version which I know we both have. I saw the Cheers tee in J Crew factory last month and regret not snapping it up, so I'm living vicariously through you and this outfit now.
    PS: I have bought far more for myself this season than for others. Much like every year. No shame, no apologies :)

  11. I'm convinced it's impossible to stay thrifty during this time of year. I tried...and failed. Props to you though for that tee score. I don't think you can do better than that!

  12. This blazer is so good, love this pretty plaid print.


  13. Something for them, something for you. I think it works out! Love the plaid blazer!


  14. I am so guilty of buying gifts for myself when I go Christmas shopping. That's why I go with my hubby because then I won't shop for myself. I did not realize that T J Maxx sold C Wonder there - I will need to stop by there more often.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  15. That blazer was such an amazing find at TJ Maxx!! I love how it looks with a graphic tee! Great look! And I am definitely guilty of shopping for myself, too! It's too hard to pass up a good deal!

  16. It's hard to say no to a half off sale, and the tee and hat are cute!

  17. You look so fabulous! In love with that plaid blazer and it is so perfect with the coated jeans and beanie!

    <3 Shannon

  18. Love your plaid blazer :)



  19. You look so adorable. I LOVE your plaid blazer!!

  20. I love what you ended up with! That plaid is super cute.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  21. Love, love, love it!!! Just pinned it, too. Your plaid jacket is simply fabulous and looks wonderful with the graphic tee and beanie! Happy weekend!

  22. I've definitely been doing a little shopping for myself while I'm shopping for others. It's hard to resist!

  23. I've almost bought that tee so many times! And I love the red tassels on your bag!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  24. The discounts and sales have been mad crazy! How can you not!?! Nothing beats a great deal. Love your outfit!

  25. I definitely would not call it a failure, it's just really hard to budget and stick to a challenge during December and January because of all the awesome sales. Sometimes you just gotta get a little shopping fix.

  26. DOn't feel bad - you tried - you'd have to be a rock or just a hermit not to fall for all the sales….