Gift guide for the gentlemen

This is the first year I am featuring a gift guide exclusively for men, and that is because I find men very difficult to shop for. Thus, each of these items was hand selected, or at least approved by Sean. He has also offered up a little commentary for the items, which I've included with the rest of the details.

However you should know, the metallic silver braided lightening cable (which also comes in gold!) is all me; Sean's suggestion is the $12, top rated Monoprice cable, which is unfortunately out of stock at the moment.

Let's start with the splurge item, a 100% wool jacket with moleskin lining. The new Seattle cut is more trim than their classic Alaska fit. It has great buttons, so many pockets, even one in the back, and it's made in the US.
Greenwood Wool Jacket, $490 at Filson

Handkerchiefs are very handy, handsome, and classic. These hold up very well in washing and become really soft. Great for when you get a cold, the soft cotton is much nicer on the nose.
Striped Handkerchiefs, $27.50 at Duluth Trading

100% Merino wool, very warm, very comfortable, unisex. Grey is a great hat color.
Peregrine by J.G. Glover Watch Cap, $19 at Sierra Trading Post

The standard for cocktail shakers. Very satisfying feel and great seal when closed. For their price you can't do better. A good accompaniment would be The Bar Book.
Koriko Shaking Tin, $9 at Cocktail Kingdom
The Bar Book, $19 at Amazon

Very durable, comfortable, warm socks that come in many colors.
Merino Wool Socks, $20 at LLBean

One of the top rated backup batteries, small sleek design.
Lumsing Portable Backup Battery, $25 at Amazon
Belkin Metallic 4' Lightning Cable, $20 at Amazon


  1. I love the jacket in your gift options such a great choice!

  2. Ooh, that jacket looks so cozy!

  3. Great round up! It is so tough to shop for men.

  4. Such great ideas! Love that bar book!

    <3 Shannon

  5. Oooh, my guy could use the bar book, and then I could reap the benefits of him being able to make a good drink! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I would agree that most men are super hard to shop for. Especially mine. He's oddly picky and not all at the same time. He's pretty weird.

  7. This is such a perfect post! Men are always so difficult to buy for!

  8. My Balazs would love The Bar Book and the socks look so cozy. Happy Tuesday, darling

  9. great picks! You can never go wrong with electronic accessories !

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  10. Great picks! I can imagine my boyfriend liking these item :)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  11. The wool jacket would be an awesome gift!

  12. These are great ideas!! I like the idea of the backup batteries. Guys are always so hard to buy for!


  13. I've got to admit I find shopping for men SO BORINGGG its like the same stuff over and over.
    I usually go for perfume :)

  14. Ahh, I love that jacket, but my husband already shot it down. I wish he'd wear it!! Great picks!!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  15. Great picks! Dave's coat of choice is a Barbour, which is another hit with the guys. :-)

  16. Great post! Men are sometimes hard to shop for!

  17. Guys ARE so hard to shop for, seriously! I love the cocktail shaker and bar book idea, and the backup battery.

  18. Shopping for men really is challenging - I have to admit that I frequently fall back on less than original standbys like books and movies. Although I have found that warm socks, as recommended, usually get a very good reception, as do pyjamas, both of which I would rarely be all that excited to receive. Go figure!

  19. Shopping for guys really can be tough! I typically run around the weekend before Christmas shopping for my husband. I love all the ideas!

  20. Great ideas for a gift!!!

  21. those are great gifts for guys!