This hat

I was really excited when I spotted this striped sun hat in the thrift store. I know it's quality since it is composed of real straw and not paper straw. It's also not terribly floppy, which eliminates the awkward 'hat droop in face' photo problem I've dealt with in the past.

This hat provides amazing sun blockage - while I was having coffee outdoors with a friend I was feeling good while she was dying of sunstroke. However, when I wore it into the grocery store people were giving me looks. I sheepishly took it off and tucked it into the cart. You just don't wear sun hats in grocery stores, I suppose. If there were a farmers' market nearby though, I'd be in business.

white pencil skirt, printed blouse, floppy hat-2.jpgwhite pencil skirt, printed blouse, floppy hat-3.jpgwhite pencil skirt, printed blouse, floppy hat-5.jpgwhite pencil skirt, printed blouse, floppy hat-1.jpgwhite pencil skirt, printed blouse, floppy hat-8.jpgwhite pencil skirt, printed blouse, floppy hat-7.jpg
The Rundown
Diamond Print Tunic Calypso St. Barth via Coco's similar
White Pencil Skirt Loft thrifted similar
Sandals Franco Sarto via TJMaxx similar
Brown Leather Tote Hobo via ebay similar
Striped Straw Sun Hat Thrifted similar
Gold Hoop Earrings Taken for Granite
Knot Bracelet Banana Republic
Gold Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Gold Filigree Bracelet Belonged to my Grandma similar
Gold Ring Thrifted similar
Antique Rhinestone Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Nail Color "Da Bush" Essie


  1. I am loving that hat!! What a great find! The top is amazing too!!

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  2. You should have left it on and been the fashionable, eccentric lady in the grocery store. Actually, they were probably just admiring this great look.

  3. LOVE, LOVE that hat! I wish everyone would wear more hats, they need to not be such a rarity. I just love this so much!

  4. The hat is fabulous on you! Maybe people in the grocery store were just giving side eye out of jealousy, wishing they had their own sun hat. :)

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  5. Swoon, the hat looks amazing on you:) I want one too:) xoxo

  6. The hat is so cute I love it!

  7. So amazing look!!!
    I really like your style and this hat looks amazing on you
    Maggie D
    The Indian Savage Diary

  8. I think we need to bring the sun hats in stores back! What a great find!

  9. Gorgeous--and so perfect that it stands out straight! I have always wanted one, but I think how can anyone see when they are wearing those because they flop in their face hehe!


  10. I love this outfit on you! That big floppy hat is too cute!

    Rachel Ashley

  11. I love this outfit on you! Loving your floppy hat too!

    Rachel Ashley

  12. I am loving this look. The hat is perfect. I agree you would definitely be in business with that hat at a farmers market. Your ring is also gorgeous!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. I probably would've stared at you in the grocery store, too. But that's because you look so chic and stylish! I love your hat and the fun stripes!

  14. haha don't worry about getting weird looks for wearing your hat in a grocery store - they're probably all just jealous because you look so fab in it ;)
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    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

  15. I love that hat! It looks great on you and I love that it holds its shape. I'm not much of a hat person, but I love them on other people.

    Nicole to the Nines

  16. This hat!! I can't believe you found it in a thrift store! It is amazing! I love how you paired it with a patterned top!


  17. Oh, I really, really hope it's not a faux pas to wear a straw hat with a floppy brim indoors. I've bought several this spring and have worn them everywhere, indoors and out. Get lots of compliments, too. Loving your hat, am a bit jealous that you found it a thrift store!
    Great printed top as well.

  18. Totally love the print of your top...and the hat is so cute!

  19. That is such a beautiful tunic top! :)

    Really like your hat too, great find!

    Away From The Blue

  20. You look great in that hat and it's definitely a nice, sturdy looking one! Those grocery shoppers were just jealous!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  21. That hat totally suits you! I love the subtle print mix of the striped hat and print top.

  22. Oh my goodness. I LOVE your hat. You look adorable. So funny about the supermarket! Hehe :)



  23. Love that hat! You look so chic in it. Perfect for summer. And that tunic is so cute!


  24. Super cute hat! I always feel a little weird wearing a hat in places other than the beach... I don't know why. I love the way they look! Love the bag too! I might just have to go on ebay again...
    Jeans and a Teacup

  25. A straw hat made of real straw? It's really sad how hard they are to find these days - you've stumbled upon an absolute gem, you lucky girl! I'm particularly impressed by how stiff the brim appears to be; there is nothing worse than a hat drooping in your face, especially when taking outfit photos! Okay, maybe this isn't a grocery store hat - but who is to say what is? Personally, I think you look fabulous and when you look fabulous, there's no reason not to just embrace it, no matter what the people around you may think.

  26. A good flappy hat is so important for these sunny days. I pay much more attention to sun exposure as I am older and always have hat ready. Great find!


  27. love the hat, love the look..haha I can imagine walking into a grocery store wearing that hat.

  28. Those people eyeing in you in the grocery store? They were all jealous of that awesome hat.

    Bedknobs & Baubles

  29. Love this blouse! It is gorgeous, looks super chic paired with a white skirt!

  30. Wow that's an awesome sun shade.....and you are looking awesome too!!!


  31. Great look.
    This outfit reminds me those I would see while working in St Barths…
    I hate it when I get the "You're wearing a hat" look -

  32. You are gorgeous, like it.
    Thank you so much for your comment.
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    See you soon

  33. I love this new hat and your top. What a beautiful Summer Outfit. Gold jewels were perfect for that Nautical effect, also. =)