If I had to choose a favorite fabric, it would be silk. I realize caring for it requires a little extra effort, but I also know that "Dry Clean Only" is actually just a suggestion. Trust me, woolite and the delicate cycle is just fine; a little ironing before wear and it will look perfect.

As much as I appreciate 'wash and wear' fabrics, there is something about silk that just makes me feel so much more chic, and when I can get a silk blouse for under $10 at ThredUP, well you know, it's what I'm all about.

I am participating in the ThredUP $150 style challenge. See my other looks here!

grey and mint.jpggrey and mint-1.jpggrey and mint-4.jpggrey and mint-3.jpggrey and mint-5.jpggrey and mint-2.jpg
The Rundown
Silk Blouse Royal Silk c/o ThredUP
Mint Pencil Skirt JCP similar
Sandals Onex similar
Willis Bag Coach Thrifted
Necklace c/o Jami via LuckyFabb
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Hammered Metal Ring Thrifted similar
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Emma
Nail Color OPI Modern Girl

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  1. Really like the skirt and how you combined the outfit :)

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  2. that blue color is beautiful on u! in love with it :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  3. A silk blouse for $10? Yes, please! I admit, I'm a bit of a silk addict... for me, the extra quality of the fabric (versus, say, viscose) fully justifies the extra expenditure and care. But if all I had to do was the extra care, that would be even better :) I love this colour combination, and that black bag is such a perfect classic!

  4. Such a steal for a silk blouse! I never dry clean anything...I hand wash items instead too. PS Come link up this post on my blog today :)

    The Tiny Heart
    So Kate Giveaway!

  5. These colors look so pretty together. Your top is gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I love Silk & own quite bit (a lot) of Silk Clothing. That Blouse is Beautiful and looks great with Mint. A Very Chic Outfit.

  7. Adorable top, I'm a huge fan of silk to is always so fresh and elegant, although taking care of it requires a bit more of time, I'm so unbelievably clumsy so everytime I wear silk I prefert not to eat ha ha. The pendant such a subtle and pretty piece.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  8. That's a really great top - it looks so comfy and well-fitted. And I love the colour. Go silk!

    Courtney ~

  9. Looking perfect as always <3

  10. Looking perfect as always <3

  11. Oh i love the color matching. I am a big fan of silk as well and that is a great tip who had mention here for washing it. It def saves money.Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  12. What a steal for that silk top! I always steer clear of the dry clean only stuff though. I am lazy and it seems like so much effort. Shoot, I can't even iron half the time ha ha! This is a really pretty color combo too.

  13. That's a very pretty top. Plus it feels great to the skin.

  14. Darling skirt. I love it has latches like your purse on the pockets. Thanks for your vote of liking my cargos and heels. I LOVE THOSE PANTS! thankyou.

  15. I'm definitely starting to realize that silk is amazing! Although, I'm always scared about the wash instructions. I don't dry clean anything so I need clothes that I can wash or hand wash. I definitely want to add more silk items to my closet!
    And I love that bag! I've been dying to add a Coach Willis bag to my closet for FOREVER!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  16. I love that skirt dear!!

  17. I love how your pendant perfectly matches your skirt. I didn't realize that was a Royal Silk shirt - I know one of the founders!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. Silk has such a nice feel, I agree! It's also cool in summer, warm in winter, and has that beautiful sheen.

  19. I love those colours and silk is a favourite of mine too.

  20. Hi lady! Just wanted to say that I made my first thredUP purchase yesterday, all thanks to you! Can't wait to get my goodies :)

  21. Oooh, Lyddie! I am loving the aqua. You always wear it so well. That skirt is so unique--I especially love the pocket details! You sure are collecting lots of fun pieces :D :D

  22. Just beautiful.... i really like thse 2 colors together.
    One of these days we should "get together" and wear our skirt.

  23. I love your is in and I love how you combined your brights with mellow colors!

  24. Silk blouses are the best. I agree, I always feel so elegant when I throw on a silk top!

    Xo, Hannah