I felt a hush fall quietly from my spark

There was quite a lighting storm last night; huge bolts every ten seconds for several minutes. It was very late and I was trying to keep awake to see it. Thunder frightened Chloe, and she tried to find refuge under the covers, but I suspect she found it far too hot and left abruptly.

Friday I wanted to wear shorts to work in the worst way. I even put them (the tweed, very trouser like ones) on, and contemplated it. I think it probably would have been okay, but I didn't really feel like enduring any sort of commentary from anyone.

The Breeze
The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Pants Gap - Shoes Kohls - Necklace Macys - Earrings Kohls

I went with my pinstriped pants instead and wore my brown flats from my challenge. The verdict is in. They are not comfortable and they are going. There is no point in keeping a flat that hurts your foot.

To satisfy my shorts craving, I wore them all weekend.

so that's one tuck and one no-tuck
The Rundown
Top J.Crew - Shorts Gap - Sandals Naturalizer - Bracelet Gift

Forever 21 is offering a free shipping code. This is one of my greatest weaknesses as I hate shopping at the B&M locations -they are always such an unruly mess- and I hate paying for shipping.
In the past, I've gone overboard, and regretted my purchases. This time, I had such excellent self restraint. I put 20 things in my cart and then kept deleting until I setted on the one I wanted most, this bird print top:

Today had more stormy skies, and I held out, hoping the rain would stop and I could get a photo with some nice rim light.
Not so much. But at least the rain stopped.

First frame

But I did wear this new top. I loved it on the hanger, but now that I see it on, I'm not so sure. You can totally see my bra though the lace. Either I need a really gorgeous racerback bra, or something that would work layered.


The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Shorts Made by Me - Sandals Onex - Earrings Taken for Granite


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  1. I too love watching thunder storms! There so beautiful! What adorable tops your wearing! The last one looks very unique!


  2. These outfits are lovely. The first top especially has a fabulous shape.

  3. i love the first two tops! the first one is the prettiest color!

  4. that last blouse is really pretty! I love it!


  5. Cute, cute oufits! I'm sorry you flats are painful, what really stinks is realizing that way after you buy them! And I love your top in the last outfit, the details around the collar are too pertyful!~

    I love watching thunderstorms, too. Poor puppy! I hope she's alright, my dog gets shaken up from fireworks. :( <33

    && I've so totally been eyeing that same top from F21.. free shipping code, you say? Ohno, don't tell me that.. hahaha!

  6. You find the best tops at TJ Maxx! Great draping details and love the collar ont he second one~!

  7. Cats, dogs and thunderstorms don't mix well. I do love the look of the last top but see what you mean about the lace.

  8. I think the last look is great!! I love the floral top and the black shorts together.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. Hi, thanks for your comment!

    I saw that bird print top the other day, actually, and it's very cute! I used to order things online from Forever 21 a lot more than going to the store, but a lot of their products look much cheaper in person than they do online, so I've stayed away from that for a while.

    We had a storm over the weekend as well - trees fell all over the place and a lot of roads were blocked.

    You should add a name/url option - I don't have anything to sign in with!! :]

  10. That top is really pretty. I like the watercolor effect and the sheer inset. It looks like fireworks!

    I know what you mean about shipping. For the time it takes to arrive they could send it USPS for much cheaper and still arrive same time if not sooner.

  11. Love the top picture so much. The cut on the pants and the flowy top = beauty!!


  12. wow all these tops are so unique and really make the outfit! I love tops like that because they make it so easy to look cute :)


  13. The last outfit is the best! So colorful. You could wear a tube inside =) GORGEOUS!!

    Haha, I don't like paying for shipping too.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Have a great day!!

  14. i love wearing shorts! and that new top of yours looks so lovely!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  15. All outfit of yours are so beautiful:))


  16. Thunder and lightening scares me, I hide away if I can.

    All lovely outfits again.

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  18. I love the last top, it's so pretty :)

    xox cathy.

  19. Cute top, but seeing bra straps is definitely embarrassing more than anything! I guess you can try to sew a white material to go just behind the lace? It's such a gorgeous top.

  20. Hey my dear,
    how are you?
    Wonderful outfits. Especially adore the last top with the colours and embellishement. Also, great pick with the bird top!! Love it

  21. I've been having a wicked shorts craving too. I want either rockin' tweed ones (like yours!) or the perfect dark denim bermuda. I must have them.

  22. Love the Khaki top in the first pictures. And the Black and silver sandals! The bird top is really nice top, very miumiu!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  23. Love all of your wonderful looks! Especially the tops they are just dreamy, all of them!

  24. That last top is breathtaking...I love it on you:) Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful Monday

  25. That last top is breathtaking...I love it on you:) Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful Monday

  26. Lyddie I like so many things from your pictures !
    First that green top with the ruffles on the sides.
    I peeked at the tweed shorts and liked them, I think they would have gone great with that top.
    I want that J Crew coral top it's fabulous !
    And the top on the last post looks good as is.... I don't think you need anything but a skin tone bra or maybe just use a strapless.
    My dogs hate thunderstorms and go insane.

  27. I was going to say I liked your top, and then I saw all your outfits, and I love them all! They're so cute!

  28. Omg. You have the cutest clothes EVER! I really adore all your tops, especially the ones from TJ Maxx. I kind of have to go to that store asap now! :)

    You such a lovely sense of style. xo

  29. I'm so in love with all of your outfits; but especially that first green top. It is so pretty.

  30. Fabulous ruffled green top! Perfect for summer.

  31. The shorts you wore on the weekend are a great neutral colour and go wonderfully with that coral top! I think the other top looks really nice too, but I know what you mean, I'm always really self conscious if there is any sign of a bra!

  32. I've yet to experience a thunderstorm during the summer time yet--just hot weather (100+ degrees, low humidity).

    My favorite top is that multicolored top!


  33. Your hair is so darling.I really like the last blouse pictured... so pretty!


  34. its been storming like crazy here to but since i love the rain i cant complain.

    cute outfits =)

    ...look closer

  35. love your blog!! saving it to my list! Great style!

  36. The blouse is very nice.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Love, Angie

    Visit me: styleninfa.blogspot.com

  37. What wonderful outfits, all around!

  38. such adorable tops! i want them all!

  39. Those tops you wore are soooo pretty!


  40. you seriously always have THE best tops. the ruffles on the first one, the color of the second one, and the detailing on the third one...i'm in love! :)

    and i have that bird printed top from forever 21 as well! i can't wait to see how you style it :)

    ooh and i did take some hot air balloon pictures! maybe i'll post them sometime.

  41. i can see you really know what top fits you perfectly. and wow these blouse are so beautiful! the last one is my total fave. you looks great! :)

  42. nice style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  43. I love the bird print top that you so carefully picked out!! I can't wait to see it up on the blog!!



  44. I love the bird top, and thank you for the code! I'm with you on the shorts, we should TOTALLY be able to wear them to work - duh! XO!

  45. i love that last top - TJ Maxx is the bestttt


  46. There's so much to love in this post!

    And I'm totally with you on giving the uncomfy shoes the boot (pun!). Life's too short to wear bad shoes. 'Nuff said.

  47. I miss lightning storms, I used to go out on the porch with my mom, even if it was the middle of the night to watch them.