Just because there is a sale...

Funny thing. I don't didn't own a plain white tee shirt. Basics have always been a bit of a problem for me because I never want to buy them. They are just so boring.

But then this morning I really wanted one, and other than my white cammis (which can't be worn solo) all I had to fill the slot of 'plain white top' was the pajama top I was wearing.

White top needed

white details

Obviously I decided to just wear it, and then go about finding something suitable.
I knew American Eagle was having a good sale, so I went there. Extra 30% off clearance and free shipping if you buy three things (not a problem). I didn't find a good tee though. But all that browsing lead to these purchases:

I was still on a mission though, one that necessitated a visit to TJMaxx. And the tee was acquired! 

Wait, do you think I could go to TJMaxx and come home with one little $6 tee?
Don't be silly. I found this striped top which I liked for it's use of both horizontal and vertical stripes. 

It's by Threads, and was $13

And, my new favorite item:

Looks like a skirt, but is actually shorts!!! And I adore the bright print, I think this can fulfill my dream of floral shorts. Ahhh, they are so cute. I can't wait to wear them. They are by Jaloux and were $25.

... doesn't mean you should buy lots of things simply because they are good deal!

One more thing - I have to thank Marie from The Joy of Fashion for the One Little Sparking Blog Award!

Here are the rules to the award:
1. Answer the question : "What do you like the most about your own blog?"
I like having a place where I can be creative and get to see and hear from other people who are just as in love with fashion as I am. Having this blog has made my closet a far more interesting place. I think the relationships formed between the other bloggers are so fun and unique.

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  1. Haha I don't buy basics either!! Im like UGH I don't want to spend that much for such a simple thing "Bla bla bla" XD

  2. I can't ever buy only one thing. Point blank. That's why I go to thrift store, so I can get like 8 things! And I had no idea American Eagle had such nice jewelry! I never go in there -- I'll start checking it out!


  3. Hahaha, I'm not one to buy basics, either! I think I bought my first plain white v-neck tee a few days ago, same with a black T-shirt!~ XD I made my mom buy them for me because I could totally find something else for $6.00 than a silly white T-shirt, neh? > w>~

    I love your striped top! I'm obsessed with stripes, Lyddie. So obsessed! I have like.. *runs to count* 7 striped shirts. It's starting to get bad. I think I'll stop after I find a striped dress. Then I'm done. SWEAR.

    You look cuuuute, I love your little fringe necklace, looks fun to play with ahaha. XD

  4. I know who buys basics? But at the same time when you splurge on a nice basic like T by Alexander Wang or James Perse it's like you wear it ALL the time. You look so cute here by the way :)


  5. I love your skirt. Lots of great finds!

  6. Wow I totally love you in that skirt!!! Its so you!


  7. to be frank, i do not have a basic top as well... you look so adorable and.. i love you hair!!!

  8. I love your outfit, the skirt is just gorgeous.

    CONGRATS on the award.

  9. Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comments <3

    I love your blog! Now following through bloglovin'
    follow me?

    xo Lynzy

  10. You won an award, see my blog!
    xo lynzy

  11. So many cute purchases! I keep getting those sale emails from American Eagle, and it's taking all of my willpower to stay away. Not easy!

    Congrats on the blog award :)

  12. Cute cute cute shorts! As for basics - I tend to buy them all at once every couple of years or so - this last year I bought a white tee at La mixx on etsy and an black tee, a cream tee, and various soft tanks at alternative apparel when they had a sale. That way you just have them in your closet and don't have to worry about it. I love them for layering in the colder months. And a white tee is essential for summer.



  13. love the skirt !
    Thanks for your lovely comment^^

  14. Great skirt! <3

  15. I love this look! You look FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    There's (another) award for you on MY blog! :P (congrats on the sparking one :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  16. Haha that sounds soo like something I would do. I will make up a little excuse to go to the shops and tell myself thats what I'm going for, but subconsciously I know that I will buy anything I like.

  17. I am exactly the opposite to you, at one stage, I got into a basics rut and only bought basics and had the most boring closet imaginable. Still stuck there a little, but I'm working my way out :P

    I love your outfit by the way!

    xx miss anonymous.

  18. Funny about the pj top, but hey it's a piece of clothing right!! I'm drooling over that draped vest!! Thanks for the blog award! You are super sweet *hugs*


  19. I love more unique pieces and have few basics, but since I got my first white tees, I discovered they're so useful!

    I found you via my good blog friend Jessica/Style Obsession's blog. Glad to have found you since we seem to have a bit in common. :)

  20. Thanks so much for the award!!!!

    I love these finds! I have the same weird problem with basics- I don't own a white tee either (hmmm... shopping trip today?).

  21. Congrats,sweetie on the award...You are so lovely and that outfit looks great on you:)
    Happy Monday and see you soon

  22. Thank you for the award Lyddie !
    I have issues with basics too... I am hoping that the delivery man sends your order to my door !
    Great buys... and oh I dont mean to be persistent but,
    will you be doing the LACE give away ??

  23. Thank you so much for the award darlin!!

    xoxo Lynzy

    Just sent you over an email, check it:)

  24. The fringe necklace is fantastic! Love the draped olive vest too! :) You look so elegant and your hair looks good down. You should wear your hair down more often :)

  25. The skirt is so cute and the jewellery is great

  26. i am such an overbuyer when it comes to basics--you should come raid my closet!!
    in any case, your purchases look awesome, and i love the skirt you're wearing, too.
    p.s. the necklace came and i am very belatedly writing to say THANK YOU it's so gorgeous!!!! you are one skilled jeweler! xoxo to you.

  27. Great finds, they are all so pretty! And you are very welcome for the award, you definitely deserve it! I love your blog ;)


  28. Honey..
    Congratulations you've got 150 FOLLOWERS!
    (haha Im Number 150)


  29. The pajama top works beautifully. Love the skirt you're wearing too. Wish I could wear them, but a bit too short

  30. You did get some great deals!! I can't wait to see how you use the skort! And your pj top looks great =)

  31. I'm with you - I don't own a white tee either! It's that completely blasphemous for a fashionista?!

    Love your finds! I'm glad you bought that striped shirt from TJMaxx! I tried it on and it just didn't fit my body correctly - so bummed!