Wearing Mustard Pants

Mustard Cords, Navy Top, Grey Bubble Cardigan, Turquoise Sandals
Got my mustard cords from the Gap ($38 from $54). So what to wear them with?

Today's Look: Navy top, Grey bubble cardigan, turquoise sandals, turquoise necklace
Mustard + Blue + Grey = Awesome.
There is probably some scientific research showing that yellow and blue together make people happy. Or perhaps it makes people want to spend money, since both Best Buy and Ikea use that color combo. But it's easy to see how well they compliment each other. Light grey is a perfect neutral and I loved the idea of having two shades of blue in the outfit.

Now, three more looks!

Look One: Weekend - Teal top, black vest, black flats
The teal contrasts beautifully with the mustard and keeping the other elements dark really allows for the yellow to standout.

Look Two: Work> After Work - Rust top, lilac scarf, patterned flats, brown blazer
Anything found in nature always works well, so rust and mustard for the fall are pretty much a given. The lilac gives the outfit a lot of playfulness, and the brown blazer makes it office appropriate.

Look Three: Evening - Sequin striped top, black beaded heels, bangles, cocktail ring
Why can't mustard work for evening? The 'honey bee' look is bold and unique. Tons of sparkle with the top, the shoes, and the ring.

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