Where Clothes Come From

How many countries are in your closet? I've got at least 18 in mine.
Recently I've been paying more attention to the names of the countries stitched on the clothes I'd like to own, with my intentions to buy more things made in the USA.

It's not as common as I'd like (or as perhaps it should be), but things made in the USA are out there.

For clothing, one of my favorite brands Max Studio (commonly found at TJMaxx and clearance racks at Macys), is made here. For shoes, mostly sandals, I've found Onex.

But a good deal of clothing and shoe labels don't consistently use just one country - so you always have to remember to check!

I'm not about to change my life, or my shopping habits to only buying things made here, but I am trying to be more aware.

PS. I recently watched Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices

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  1. I am not sure I will check ALL of my labels, well maybe I should.... now you got me thinking !
    It is just amazing how by the end of the day we depend on half of the world !