Strand of Pearls

Grey Cardigan, Black top, Purple Tights, Grey Boots

For the best deal on a pearl necklace; skip Forever 21, pass on by Target, ignore the jewelers, and go to a craft store, such as Michael's, ACMoore, or Joann Fabrics. There you will find a great selection of prestrung pearls, freshwater in several sizes, shapes, and colors. For even less, you can get beautiful glass ones.

Once you've got your strand, all you will need to do is knot the ends together tightly, or if you want to splurge (an extra .60 cents or so) on a clasp, you can make a very expensive looking necklace.

190 6mm pearls created a 42" strand, which can be worn long, doubled, or knotted. My cost was $3. How can you beat that?