My Cheetah Skirt!

So the ebay skirt went over my $20 limit, which was a shame, since it stayed at three $3 for so long, then the last half hour of the auction people started to get anxious and bidding - so that was lost. I probably could have won it for under $30, but I feel it is important to set strong limits on ebay. It is too easy to get caught up in the idea of winning and to hell with what it costs.

But I decided to check out Forever 21 in the mall, and while they did not have any of the skirts shown on their web site, they did have one cheetah print pencil skirt, and they had two size x-small, and one size large. Fortunately one of those sizes fit me.

So the skirt is somewhat long, hitting me just at my knee, and a bit high waisted as well, sitting just below the belly button. The sides have some rouching, and two deep pockets, which I like. I think pockets in skirts and dresses are fantastic, for your hands.

The skirt is also more of a beige and black, rather than the traditional brownish yellow cat coloring. I've since decided I much prefer the beige, so it is fortunate that was the only color option available.

Now as far as what to actually pair with this skirt, I've only come up with two ideas thus far, the first, an abundance of color and pattern, the second with a far more minimal pallet.

Part 1: Heels. With my tiny height of 5' 1" the higher the better. Since the skirt is so long on me, without a good high heel I'd look like a midget.

Part 2: Belt. Once again my short and curvy figure requires special attention. I added a wide cinch belt to my waist to make sure I look like I actually have one.

Part 3: Top. So for the first look I opted for a vibrant green faux wrap top, and then paired it with my floral printed honey bee pumps. This might be too much, I'm just not sure.

For the second look, I went for a beige top with a studded collar. Not too fussy, with a bit of a hard edge. I paired it with my ivory and bronze t-straps.

So, what look do you like, and any other thoughts of what I might pair this skirt with?

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  1. It looks great! I think both outfits go together nicely... one a little bit more bold for fun, going out time. The other, a little bit more reserved for a professional setting. Good buy!