Cleaning out your closet makes the whole room look bigger

Today it is 80° out, marking the first truly hot and beautiful day of the year -- the day when I must pull out my 'other season' clothes bin and switch the contents.

While it is a possibility that next weekend it will be back in the fifties (as these things do happen in New England) I don't care - I am ready for the warm weather.

Clothes switching day is also clean out the closet day, and one must assess, critically, what things must go.

I'm sure you've heard it before, but always ask:

Did I wear it at least once this past season?
Does it still fit?
If there were any damages (lost button, fallen hem, stains) can I, and will I fix them?
If it is something trendy, will I want to wear it next year?

I ended up taking out a ton of too short camisoles, super mini skirts (what was I thinking?), blazers and button down shirts with buttons looking like they might burst at any moment, and with much lament, a black top from Forever 21 with a glittery geisha.

It feels good to have reclaimed some space, and best of all, to be able to clear off my over-the-door hooks, which were piled five garments deep.

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