Magic Wallet

J. Crew has had these little patent leather magic wallets for quite some time. And each time I go in there I must stop and obsess over them, making their $20 price tag flip from one side to the other.

Normally I carry around a extra large wallet, but I found this to be a bit of an issue the last time I wanted to use one of my itty-bitty evening bags, and try as I might, could not get half my wallet to fit within its confines.

I love carrying a big wallet so much that I even got this amazing one with its form of magic, a secret strap that pulls out to transform the wallet into a wristlet. It's a wallwrist. But it's bright and colorful, blues and greens and magenta in a big floral - not something that goes effortlessly from day to evening, casual to formal. It also leaves all the miniscule bags home in the closet.

So I went to J. Crew, but even at its newly reduced price, I still couldn't buy it. It just seemed to frivilous. So I went to ebay, and found just what I wanted, pink patent, for $8 shipped.

It arrived yesterday and my clutches and wristlets are all very extcited for tomorrow night.

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