Cheetah Print Skirt

You buy one thing from Urban Outfitters and they inundate you with catalogs – early spring, mid spring, late spring, some more stuff we want you to buy before it is even spring, you get the idea.

But before I managed to get the catalog into the recycling, there was one outfit that caught my eye – a navy top with an exposed zipper, leather and denim sandals, and the star of the ensemble, a cheetah print pencil skirt.

UO wants $48 for the skirt by Silence and Noise, which I will admit, has some very nice detailing, like the thick v-shaped waist band with the little notch cut out at the top, pockets, which I always like to have, and most importantly, a good print. There are some really awful animal prints out there, trying to be some weird neon hybrid of leopard and zebra and giraffe. Animal prints should always look like an animal actually found in nature.

So, $48? I think we can do better. Forever 21, as predicted has one – no, three options: short, high waisted, and knee length. All under $20.

I’m really liking this black and white version from Banana Republic which I found on ebay and could potentially get for under $10. My only concern is that it might be a bit too small for me, and I would have to break one of my cardinal ebay rules: Never buy anything off of the floor. If they can’t bother to put it on a hanger, or at least a table, how much does this person actually care about what they are selling?

The other rule, incase you were wondering, is never buy from someone who can not bother to spell check.

So what should I do: head out to forever, spend ages pillaging through their messy inventory and try to find a skirt in my size, or take a chance on ebay? Either way, I wont be able to return it if I take it home and realize that cheetah goes with nothing I own.

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