Wardrobe Remix

Have you ever wondered what other people are wearing today? Have you ever wanted the world wide web to know what you are wearing today?

I sure have, and now that I’ve discovered the flikr photo group wardrobe remix, I can see and share outfits everyday!

It’s really fun to see all the different styles and spot the trends, and if you’ve ever fantasized about being stopped on the street by a magazine photographer who wants to know what your wearing, then you’d love this group.

Most everyone who posts includes where they obtained the pieces they are wearing, and sometimes there is a bit of commentary about where they are going to wear it, or where in the world they are – which can be really fun and interesting. Also, if you think the location of where photos are being taken is, somehow, really amazing, you should see this site: http://www.earthalbum.com/ all you do is click anywhere on the planet, and you can see the photos being uploaded to flikr from there! It’s fantastic.

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