Really Expensive Boots I Needed

Migliorini Italian Leather Boots, $120 at TjMaxx

Yeah, that's right, I needed them. Winter is upon us, my old black boots are falling apart, and black boots are a winter wardrobe staple.

Could I have found cheaper boots, perhaps from Madden Girl, Candies, or Rampage? Sure. But would they have been Italian Leather, or Chinese plastic?

They were the only ones there, and they were in my size. And they were marked down.

God wanted me to have them, and that's all there is to it!

I love how unique they are, with the bold front zipper and medallion zipper pull. Plus, the small wedge means they will be great for every day wear - which is good because I'm already fantasizing about all the outfits I'm going to wear them with.

Often times when I find something that I consider to be out of my acceptable price range, I'll be tormented by indecision, mulling and analyzing until I get so frustrated I wont buy the thing. Then I get home and wish I had -- because sometimes one really nice expensive item is superior to many poorly made cheap alternatives.

But these boots, I knew were coming home with me.

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