Bubble Hem Coat

I love the bubble hem. I know it gets a lot of hate from some, but I can't see why. The bubble hem is fun, and cute, and while it used to be uncommon, lately it's popping up everywhere. Including coats! Winter coats, rain coats, trench coats, the bubble hem can not be stopped!

Which is why, when I spotted this gem of a coat, I had to make it mine.

This trench coat seems like a rain coat, but according to its tag (which was accompanied by a little bag of fake flowers) it is not a rain coat. It's by Samuel Dong and I picked it up for just over $100 -- which isn't too bad for such a stunning coat, and I spotted it in another store for nearly twice as much. I feel it was a good purchase, because when I put it on, it is instant glamor. I wore it to a wedding reception, and people seemed to think it was my dress!

Some of my other bubble hem finds include this double breasted wool coat from NY&Company - on sale for $90.96, a cute one on ebay for about $50, and if you happen to have a coat that you would like to transform into a bubble hem coat, Threadbanger has a great tutorial.

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