Good things come to those who Ebay

Sometimes, when the closet is rebelling against housing my newest purchase; I must sift though the articles on the tightly packed on hangers and determine if it has seen the light of day in the last year or so. In some cases, things have never seen the light of day - as I never remove the tags from an item until the first time I wear it.

There in my closet I found a red satin shirt purchased last December ($10 on clearance) never worn, in addition to a (rather impulse purchase) pair of green and white gingham ballet flats; which never seemed to go with anything.

So I put them up on ebay, not even hoping to earn money, but just to get them out of the house. Failing that, they would go to the thrift store, but since they hadn't been worn I decided ebay might be worth the effort.

And it was! I got $40 between the two, minus the fees and then rewarded myself with a beautiful laptop bag by Abbi New York. Purchased on ebay for $43!

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