In search of a Brown Leather Bag

Not just any brown leather bag, I want... a bag that looks worn in, not a stiff, small, proper bag - but rather, something more utilitarian. A bag you could pack your life into, a bag that goes on adventures.

All kinds of romantic images come to mind, and I think of what the J. Peterman catalog might have to say about the bag I'm dreaming up;

"You walk the streets, that are long and dark and cold. Foot steps follow closely behind you. You have but one thing you can rely on - your brown leather bag at your side; you reach inside it, fingers close tightly around a knife."

Or something like that. Perhaps Eddie Sherman wrote that one.

I haven't fallen in love with one just yet, but so far I like this Doctor bag from Urban Outfitters (even though $68 is a bit much for PVC), and this La Martina messenger bag on ebay.

*Update* Just went to this lovely local store called Taken for Granite, and saw this postman bag by Big Buddha. Definitely up for consideration. It is also PVC, though it's $74 in the store, and $80 online, ebags is currently having a 20% off sale. There are also some good options on ebay, but the best deal is for the bag in black, not brown. So I guess i'll have to decide what is more important to me - color, or price?

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