Trendy Fall Outfit for Under $100

...and I don't mean each piece individually, I mean all together.

This outfit is somewhat of a conglomeration of many fall trends - perhaps its a bit much for the one outfit, but after flipping through the fashion section of my sisters Cosimo Girl, I feel like my outfit could be on one of those models.

The focal point of the outfit is the vest. Found at TjMaxx for a mere $30, this deep blue corduroy, fur trimmed vest was love at first sight. It's by Atelier and had an original price of $198.

The super thin jersey knit hoodie by BCBGirls (I know, I know, I shouldn't still be shopping in Juniors, but sometimes I can't help it!) was also purchased at TjMaxx for $15.

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans by So from Khols, on clearance for $12.

Gray Slouchy Boots by Candies form Khols, on sale for $40.

From Cosmo Girl's October 2008 Issue

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