The Blue Leather Satchel

A few months ago in TJMaxx I happened upon the most bright blue, big leather bag - just the thing that I love. I could tell it was one of the more expensive bags they have there - I always seem to pick up the most pricey bags in the store.

It was by Charm and Luck, with an original price tag of $376 and the TJX price of $80. After carrying it around like I already owned it for the next hour while I shopped I finally convinced myself that I didn't need it. A few days later I was wishing I had it.

A month or so later, in a different TJMaxx location, there it was again, only this time with a clearance sticker. $60. I couldn't resist. I felt it was a great buy- I had spent some time looking for the bag for a lower price elsewhere and couldn't find it, not even on ebay (where they were going for around $100)

Now I've found it on HSN for $56 including shipping, so there you go!

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