Great Finds at the Gap

This weekend I made out very well at the Gap's sale, getting five pieces, a dress, a skirt, a top, a jacket, and a hat for about $85.

I was very pleased to find one remaining plum ruffle top (that I had been wanting) in my size, so I immediately scooped that up. It was marked down to $32 from $48.

To go with it, a gray wool skirt, at $24 from $48. While I really loved this skirt in the camel color, they didn't have it in my size. I even checked for it on their web site to no avail.

Next I found a plum tunic dress, marked down twice, from $54 to $17. I really love that this plum color is in this fall, it looks so great on me!

Then I got a super cozy cropped jacket in camel, double breasted - just that kind of thing where you can pull off the casual chic look. I do fear it will have a very small window in the fall season when it can be worn - I'm usually wearing heavy winter coats by the second week of November.
Perhaps it could work over a sweater, or with some long gloves? The jacket was down to $30 from $68.

Lastly, and only because it was three dollars, I got a brown and turquoise plaid hat. I always want hats, and then I never wear them. So I figure even if I only wear it once I'll have gotten it's worth. More so than if I'd paid $16.50. It is terribly cute, I should try harder to be a hat person.

To top it all off, I applied for a Gap Card and saved an additional 20%! Big score. So all in all I got $234.50 worth of clothes for just under $85. I win.

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