Get This Look for Less. Much Less.

I like I think it's a great site with some fantastic features and a great selection. Ahh, if only I could afford it! But I can try.

I like this look because it has that 'I'm not trying to look fabulous' vibe about it. Sock with sandals, slouchy sweater, large fabric bag. Then again, perhaps it comes off as trying too hard.... none the less, I like it, so I've done a bit of searching and found a few less costly alternatives.

The Slouchy Sweater - This one is from Khols, on sale for $16.80

The Embellished Top - Another from Khols - I'm not in love with this one, ($24.99 from their Elle line) it could work, but I'll continue to look.

The Black Leather Skirt - From Newport News and on sale for $27.99

The Black Sandals - These I chose because I already have them, and I must say Onex makes some very comfortable heels.

The Fabric Bag - There were two bags I liked from Urban Outfitters, one a tapestry tote, the other, a floral with leather straps. $48 and $58.

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