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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seven hundred out of focus lights

I'm counting down to Christmas with my 12 favorite things; today is day seven and I think that Christmas lights are a pretty awesome thing to photograph, when they are completely out of focus. So today my favorite thing is Christmas light Bokeh!

Im gonna wait for Santa! HBW X Another Love Song Street lightning christmas decorations Bokeh 3 HAPPY CHRISTMAS BOKEH! XXX Bokeh christmas to continue the holiday cheer... Queen of the Light Faeries wrapped in lightchristmas bokeh treeBokeh 2
Above images are not my own; please click for source!

Today was a day of a Christmas light debacle; half the lights on the tree went out, so we went to CVS to get a fresh box. Plugged those in, they lit and I started putting them on the tree. Then half went dead. Back to CVS. It's a good thing we've been so lazy we haven't gotten the ornaments up yet.

For the No Repeats Challenge today I wanted to tackle a skirt which has been a big repeat offender in the past. I love pairing this striped skirt with my turquoise sweater.
So today I piled on tons of different colors. But I think I like it better with the turquoise sweater!!

Got a lot of colors there.

The Rundown
Top Thrifted Ann Taylor Loft - Skirt Gap -Boots Chinese Laundry - Scarf Avon - Tights Gap - Belt Thrifted Banana Republic - Earrings Market in Italy

Got a lot of colors there.


  1. Lydia--it looks beautiful in these colors too.

  2. That scarf print is really cool. And, I love all the Christmas light pictures. WE still haven't bought our tree!

  3. Oooh it looks so pretty!! And I love all the shots of the lights :D

  4. This looks is great! I love the skirt and the scarf!

  5. Okay we can blame CVS...that's exactly where I got my lights and it has been lighting hell!! Lyddie today I almost flew into the tree and tipped it over while standing on the step stool. Is it January 2nd yet?

    ps-can i ask your assistance on a new used camera?


  6. I LOVE the scarf and the earring.
    This looks Christmasy : )

    Busy like a bee,

  7. Wow, those light pictures are pretty! I had to replace all of my lights this year, and actually did run to CVS for the replacements (since it's a 2 minute walk rather than a 15 minute drive!). Thank goodness for CVS.

    I like all the color in this outfit! Especially the bright pink belt (what a steal for a buck!).

  8. There is something really magical about Christmas lights. These out of focus photos are gorgeous.

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  9. AWE man~ I know right? Bokeh Christmas lights have to be the coolest thing ever. * 3* I've been trying to get some cool ones but alas, I haven't. D: D:

    But heeeey, I love your scarf and how it ties all the colors of your outfit together. Your skirt is so cute, too! I love stripes. You look awesome in stripes. Stripppess. <3 Pretty fancy pantsy. :D :D Or fancy skirtsy, in this situation.

  10. AH THOSE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING. Thanks for sharing. Christmas is so magical. LOVE IT.

    And you look fabulous, as always. Love those colours. Especially that scarf. There's something about it that's so "AHHH CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!"


  11. Fun festive outfit and pictures! Enjoy the weekend. xo

  12. Oh I love all those Christmas lights pictures, I think you look pretty cute in your outfit, in fact I like this mix of colors better. =)

  13. There's so much to love about this outfit. Your scarf is simply lovely and those boots are super cute! Your hair looks wonderful in this updo!

  14. Great colors here! Are you having fun with the no repeats challenge?

  15. great picturesss!!xx


  16. awwww that little girl is just so cute! i love your fringed scarf! =)


  17. Super cute, I found a yellow Ann Taylor and white top today, both were $4.50 at HalfofHalf. I think that will be my new store.

  18. i recognize hong kong's red taxis with the bokeh hearts...

  19. This is such an adorable outfit <3


  20. I actually like it with these colors more! The saturation matches more :)

  21. just saw this post and i just LOVE this outfit. love the boots.



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