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Monday, December 20, 2010

Five dozen freshly baked cookies

I'm counting down to Christmas with my 12 favorite things; today is day five and I've been making cookies!

 Well, I made one cookie, and the peanut butter squares (no oven required). And hopefully when I finish this blog post I will mix up the dough for ginger bread cookies and then I can bake them tomorrow evening, since the dough requires several hours of refrigeration before it can be rolled.
Chocolate Muzzettes
These are the cookies I made today, the Chocolate Muzzetts. Though this is last years photo, they look the same, haha. (Click through to flickr for the recipe!)

352/365 Project 365: Day 363 "Snow Cookie" Chocolate Cookies for Hari Raya Click, Eat Candy Cane Cupcakes Holiday Cookies Christmas cookies Chocolate Marshmallow Cookie Treats Moustache Cookies
Above photos are not my own; please click for source!

I also did a super fast and simple DIY -- Mustache Gloves! I just cut the stashes out of felt and glued them on to your average pair of $2 Magic Gloves; but the results are all fun and games.
I think you've got something on your mustache

I'm now one week into the No Repeats Challenge; it hasn't been to tough thus far, but it's only been one week! Well, I might even go so far as to say two weeks because I know what I'm wearing through Saturday and weather or not I'll even be getting dressed on Sunday remains to be seen. (The day after Christmas is typically a pajama/movies/leftovers day.)
I think you've got something on your mustache

I can see it being hard to not repeat these pieces for the next few weeks -- skinny jeans, basic grey top, bright blazer and leopard scarf; all very easily remixed.
Petit Handlebar
The petite handlebar is the classic.

Painter's Brush
The Rundown
Blazer United Colors of Benetton  - Top Gap - Jeans Kohls - Scarf TJMaxx - Shoes Areosoles - Mustache Gloves Made by Me

mustache glove

300th post! Whoo!


Jessica said...

I don't know what I need more. mustache cookies or gloves. Probably the latter. Adorable DIY!

I've in the kitchen for hours this holiday. I'm sick of cookies. You're not missing out.

Kim said...

love the stach cookies :)

Trystan L. Bass said...

Coincidentally, we had a cookie exchange at my office today, so I baked yesterday & brought home a huge variety of cookies this evening. Good timing on your post ;-)

Londyn said...

You and your fabulous cookies look AMAZING! Now - I need your recipes!! Especially for those first mint choc. cookies...


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AHHH. My sister has recently been baking like crazy. And not going to lie, I have been LOVING IT! Your cookies look so delicious, yum.

And you look adorable. I'm loving the bright red blazer (how much does it scream "CHRISTMAS IN FIVE DAYS"?!) and those MITTS. Ah, fabulous!

And congrats on the posts! That's crazy. You're more than doubling me :O.

BTW - what camera do you have? It looks fabulous.


Sarah Dee said...

Mustache gloves!!! SO CUTE <3


Closet Fashionista said...

*dies* those cookies all look soooo good!!!!!
Love the outfit too, the blazer is amazing :D

Nilcha's Fashion Chronicles said...

i really like the way you wear that red blazer, awesome!
n that Mustache Gloves, BRILLIANT IDEA! ahhahahaha

Modesty is Pretty said...

hahaha those gloves are an amazing idea and boy did you get me hungry with all that baking, I have a sweet tooth you know, in fact my friend who retired two years ago still comes by every christmas with little sweets for me, among them my fave, gingerbread cookies! I love those little suckers! By the way you look very pretty and so chic in your outfit.

Vanessa said...

The mustache gloves are too cute! I just love them. Whimsical, and creative are you, indeed!
You've got me wishing I had actually baked something this year. Usually, I'm the baker in the family and make nearly 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies. This year? One lonely batch during a cookiefest with friends. I already ate them. My family is going to be so mad when I come home empty handed on Christmas Eve!
And... I'm glad to see my camera cookies made the cut! (I made them for a Christmas potluck for my camera club. Last year, obviously. Since I'm such a slacker this year! ha)

hellodenj.com said...

ahhh! LOVE those gloves! so much fun - fashion needs a sense of humour sometimes!

xo denj


Jude said...

I'd love both those gloves and the mustache cookies! :) Thanks so much for dropping by - so happy it led me to your sweet blog!

monica said...

yummmm cookies

love the leopard print scarf

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Moustache gloves - brilliant! You are going in my weekly worthy reads lady!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a wonderful idea -the favourite things.
Love thered jacket.
Happy Christmas.
Jane X

Mochachocolata Rita said...

you're having so much fun! and...i am so in love with your red jacket...

Z--- said...

loove the colour of your outfit!xx


virgo08 said...

Oh man, am I hungry for cookies! Congrats on the 300th post - way to go. I hadn't heard of the No Repeats challenge - sounds fun though! Look forward to seeing more outfits that you come up with.


Stéphanie said...

Oh ! Yummy ! And you're perfect !

Gudrun said...

Aww... cookies! <3
I love the red blazer, gorgeous!
Fashion Goodies

Camille said...

I like those jeans. I'll be doing a shopping trip to the U.S. after Christmas and maybe I will find them still at Khols ?
Cami lllove

Claude said...

First of all, congratulations are in order for your 300th post!

And thanks for the DIY 'stache glove. I will definitely make a pair for my daughter and I so we can clown around.

Happy holidays to you and your familly.

Marella said...

Love the red jacket and the leopard scarf!

maritaBliss said...

What cute cookies !
You look lovely ♥ love the red blazer.

Ali said...

HOMG MUSTACHES ON YOUR GLOVES WHAT WHAT. WHAT. I'm going to copy you later and make my own. That is seriously genius. Who would of ever thought?!~

So so I love the red against the leopard. And you're reminding me of how I need to bake some more.. all of our cookies have poofed!~ I want to bake some more but I feel so sick, ughhh. Cookies.

Eli said...

a. your cookies inevitably made me hungry

b. those mustache gloves are genius!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I have to make a pair of gloves like this. Congrats on 300! Cheers

SabinePsynopsis said...

Moustache gloves... That's such a cute idea; also as a presi.

Moosette said...

OMG! The gloves turned out so cute! Clever!

Jan said...

I think I just gained 5lbs looking at those pictures!

à la Modest said...

This post deserves 300 comments! Haha. Cookies! Gosh. How tempting!
I love those mustache cookies! Yes, PJs for me the day after Christmas!

Lorena said...

Oh you have made me giggle !
I love the moustache glove pictures... very cute.

Anne said...

That's a great outfit - I love red and leopard print together! And Happy 300th post! :)

Those gloves are just too awesome! My fella and I have a thing for mustaches (I even have the mustache-shaped cookie cutter!), so he might need a pair of those for a last minute Christmas gift.

Lydia Marie said...

Those gloves are so adorable! And now I'm craving cookies.

gypsyroxylee said...

That is one stunning blazer! It looks perfect with this scarf. Love it!

Taj Acosta said...

Those gloves are too cute! I love the pepermint whoopi pie cookies too! You look just gorg in that red jacket! xo

Marina said...

wow cookies!!!
I like your blazer:)))

thanks for comment on my blog.

kiss Marina

cococricketsmama said...

all those cookies look awesome! I love baking, even though I'm not so fab at it. Following a recipe is hard for me.
LOVE the gloves- you're too cute!!