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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Warm and Glowy

"But there's a power greater than your magic, and that's knowledge! And there's one thing that I know that you don't!"
"And what is that, dude?" 
"Daylight savings time." *

Yes, we fell behind again today. Darkness comes an hour earlier, and I spent the better part of the day planning and photographing outfits for the coming week.

I found a bit of a flaw in my outfit calendar for this month (other than that it only has 26 outfits) and that is the "all dressed up with no where to go" syndrome. I included looks like these;

From In Her Stilettos, A Closet Fashionista (but I don't remember where she found it) and Lucky Mag.

which are fabulous, but a bit too fabulous to wear to the office and bum around the house or do errands on the weekend. In my life for the past year, I've been pretty consistently overdressed, and this typically hasn't bothered me, but I almost feel like I'm "wasting" the good outfits. As if a time will come when I'll need to be a bit more dressed up, and I'll have used up every possible good outfit in my closet.

This weekend I went back to the thrift store. I'd been back and forth on the real fur collar all week. I saw Justina at ChiChiChic's post and though - YesYesYes! But then I read Jessie Anne O's post and though, no I can't, and then Justina wore another amazing fur and I was feeling swayed again and finally I told myself if it was still there when I went, then I could get it.
It was, I did; I think I have buyers remorse. Too bad you can't return things to the thrift store (well I mean, you can...).
But I also picked up a few other things, a gold braided belt for $1, an open knit dolman sleeve sweater originally from the Loft for $3.50 - which has awesome layering potential and I'm excited to get it washed, and a lace trimmed slip for $0.50 which is too long to wear with anything I wanted to wear it with.

As for today, my outfit was inspired by After Style Comes Fashion. When I saw it, I instantly thought, "I've got everything!" So it was perfect to add to my calendar.

warm and glowy

I really didn't deviate too much from Samm's look, since I truly just had everything. I did add some nice broach bling to my top and wore the cut out pumps because I liked how they looked with grey socks. (She didn't include any full shots, so I couldn't copy her shoes if I wanted to.)

warm and glowy

While I was taking my photos today a man driving a jeep pulls over and gets out and says "I see you are taking photos, would you mind taking my photo in front of my new car?" This doesn't seem like an unreasonable request, so I oblige and he gets his camera for me. He tells me he used to be a professional photographer, and asks if he could repay the favor and take some photos for me. I think, hey maybe he's an awesome photographer, and hand him my camera. Here's the best one he took:

warm and glowy

The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Blazer Gap - Cords J.Crew - Scarf Raffaello Bettini - Shoes Elle for Kohls - Broach The Cavernous Jewelry Box

warm and glowy

*Yes, a little Hocus Pocus for you. I always enjoyed that bit.
You would think with the extra hour I could have gotten this post up at 8 pm when I intended... haha.

Oh, this is a sneak peek of tomorrow; but I need to know, what are your thoughts on three watches? None of which actually work, the batteries are dead.

My photo made it into flickr's Explore, but it's rank is falling and might get dropped, which would make me sad. If you like it, and wanted to give it some love over at flickr, I'd love you!



  1. I love both your inspiration and your rendition of this outfit! The white top is fantastic and that scarf just seems so cozy!

  2. Hahaha! That rando drive-by photog story is too funny. There sure are some strange encounters to be had when taking photos.
    I like your cut-out shoes very much, and I hope you quickly book an occasion to which you can wear one of those fabulous outfits!

  3. Awesome story! OMG- I don't know what I'd do if someone stopped like that for me.
    As for the three watches- I love it!! :)

  4. I love the outfit especially that chunky scarf! I would just want to cuddle with it :)

    I was planning on photographing for the week today but, sadly didn't get to. I applaud that you did!

  5. Lovely outfit. And the leaf photo is beautiful!

    I'm envious of that scarf- is it wool or acrylic? I've been looking for a scarf like that- but have only found wool ones- and I'm avoiding buying new wool.

  6. You did a marvellous job of taking the inspiration and making your own look out of it. And the guy did take a couple of good shots. Also I loved your previous outfit-the one inspired by Vogue

  7. Piling on watches as bracelets is a brilliant idea!!

  8. I'm also in awe of that lovely scarf. What a great, cozy fall outfit. The random man took a beautiful picture of you, yeah?
    I look forward to seeing more of your inspirations.

  9. I LOVE how you have been doing "inspired by" outfits lately. Especially because you are using things you already own. You know I love that.

    I also love how you seem to connect so well with others through fashion and your blog. Like this random guy who happens to also be a professional photographer!

  10. You matched her outfit brilliantly. I just love it - especially the grey scarf/cowl. Oy it looks so good against the navy. And great job with the shoes, too!!

    Don't beat yourself up about the fur. The poor thing's been out of commission for awhile, and you did thrift it. Can't wait to see it!


  11. i know what you mean about "wasting" the good outfits. sometimes i feel like i'm way too dressed up for school and that i should just save those outfits for some other day. but then again, nothing wrong with getting dressed up, right? :D

    <3, Mimi

  12. super look, et tes photos sont vraiment très jolies, j'aime beaucoup ton écharpe en laine, et ton top est magnifique

  13. I LOVE that look, it has to be one of my favorites, great inspiration outfits, too!

  14. Oooh I love this outfit!! And that's so funny that the guy was a photographer, it looks great!! :D

  15. The blouse and brooch really pop on your outfit!

    Sure I'll help your Flickr rank but what do I need to do?

  16. Nothing worse than looking lovely and having nowhere to go and celebrate it!

  17. I feel the same way about "wasting" perfectly good outfits on days that I don't really leave the house much (like the 2 days/week that I work from home). But it's not like we can't re-wear those fabulous outfits another time, right?

    That's an interesting story about the man with the jeep. I'd be mortified if anyone stopped me while I was taking my pictures, but it all worked out nicely - that's a great picture he took!

  18. There is NO way an outfit is "wasted" - you are just get more for your money's worth.
    Ha, maybe that "photographer" was hitting on you ?
    I have to say that I think about handing any camera over to anyone - I have been told stories about people who run away with them, well specially in touristry places -
    I say triples yes to the watches !!!

  19. Love the inspirations and your blazer!

  20. great casual outfit. Not sure how to help you out with the fur thing...I mean it would be one thing if you bought it new but its a vintage piece...yeah its a bit of pickle

  21. What a cool top from TJ Maxx, very unique! Also I have been toying with the idea of wearing multiple watches from my grandmother and after seeing you, I need to totally rock that look!


  22. I like the 3 watches. It's deliberate and kind of amusing if none of them work. I just imagine you replying to someone asking the time with a little aloof fashionista, "I don't know; none of these work."

    Thanks for the link mention.

    I really like this look on both you and your inspiration. It looks effortlessly pulled together and comfortable.

  23. you do have a nice glow in those photos and the one the photographer took is quite nice. He was doing the "shoot down" trick which always works out well. :)

    Love that blouse, too. Very nice!

  24. Love both the inspiration pic and your gorgeous take on it. I think you've convinced me to pick up that eternity scarf I posted this morning!

  25. 1. That's super awesome that that some guy wanted to take pictures of you, the only time a random man has talked to me is when I was in my car and he said, "So... would you like to follow me home?" and I cried on the inside. Lyddie gets the menz.

    AND OH GODvds fjdtyi vhcg whenever I type something on my keyboard my LAMP FLASHES it's doing it right now sjdfhsd. ANYWAY. This is annoying.

    SO YEAH. Your outfit is super cute, I love the scarf, and what you did with your shirt and the pin. So nice. And the three watches look great together, and that picture you took is seriously beautiful! Goodness. :D

  26. I love your outfit, and Samm's too...both look great, perfectly autumn chic.
    All of your photos look gorgeous...I love the one from the professional and the one with the leaves - but all of them are beautiful...

  27. fall for me is all about knits like that!! so pretty!

  28. the darkness is so tough! one day I'll post outfits again :)

  29. I love the stacked watches and your cut out pumps with socks. Your outfits are always so inspiring!

  30. Super super super cute! Also, I'm jealous of your fantastic hair!

  31. Love the scarf, it's a great look.
    I'd stick to 2 watches, I think 3 is a bit too much..but that's just me!


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