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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The purchases (and an outfit almost under $100)

Ohhh so many of you were good guessers!!
Ali, Mochachocolata Rita, WildBirdVintage, and Alli (One Pearl Button) you have guessed both tops correctly!

And there was a resounding love of the striped top in general -- So you know I looked long and hard across the internet to find it for you, but alas, I could not. The brand is Loveappela and I can't even find a website for this label.

Now, funny thing about the striped top, the neckline was a bit... gaping. I mean, lean over and it was free show. I was putting together my outfit for today last night when I decided I needed some Starbucks, so I went there wearing the top and I ordered my usual tall iced coffee with vanilla, but the barrista (the kind of cute one with the faux mo-hawk) said there was no more iced coffee, but he'd make me an iced ameriacano, for free.

Now... did the gaping top have anything to do with this? Perhaps....?

Anyway, I went home and realized if I was going to wear it to work, then I'd have to do something about it, so I shortened the straps an inch and now there is still something left to the imagination.

stripey top

This is not my ideal look for this top. But it was a grey, rainy day, and I was in a cold, cold office.

My ideal look, is such:

Best stripey stand in I could find,
Randi Striped Racerback, Delia's, $24.50
White skinny jeans, Delia's, $15.00
Bright yellow Liliana Sandal, Amazon, $33
Straw fedora, NY&Co., $15
Gold sliced leather bracelet, Etsy, $15 (I literally just bought this 10 minutes ago, so it's out of stock, sorry!)

At $102.50, I almost made it under $100

And for the floral
Bright floral top

I have been wearing so much yellow lately -- these cords have gotten so much love, I never knew I was a yellow pants person before they came in to my closet.

Stripey rundown
Striped top TJMaxx - Grey cords J.Crew - Grey wrap cardi Avon - Bronze wedges Unlisted - Red medallion Gift - Pearl studs Avon

Floral rundown
Floral top TJMaxx - Mustard cords Gap - Black blazer Kohl's - Black sandals Onex - Earrings Thrifted


Asta said...

Both outfits are very chic and look great on you! I just love that dark pearl shadow of grey and I'm so glad you bought the striped top!:)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

I love straw fedoras!

MsHark said...

definitely love the striped top great choice!


Romany said...

Ah, the collage is very riviera. One of my favourite styles. And I like the red neckalce with the striped top - good colour combination.
Ooh you should flirt with the cute Starbucks guy!! ;)

Ali said...

:o Gasp, I was right! Haha this is exciting. I totally want to see you in that outfit, those yellow shoes look amazing. * ^*

La fille d'or said...

I love them both. The stripes are really cute-and that bracelet from etsy is so cool.

Was it an easy fix to shorten the straps? Do you need a sewing machine?
gosh I have tons of straps I need to shorten :)

Melanie said...

That top is so cute! Horrible idea to shorten the straps--how are you supposed to get free coffee now?! Haha, I kid.

There are a few things in my closet in need of some altering... I need to get on that!

Yayyy florals! :)

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Modesty is Pretty said...

that mustard yellow is a great color on you in fact I think it would go well with the stripped shirt as well. =)

avalonne said...

Aww I love navy stripes with charcoal gray! Mustard corduroy pants are awesome. I want a pair! OMG LOST... ends... on... Sunday... sad... face. BOOOOOO!!! Can't believe last night was the last episode before the series finale... yikes.

junghwa by amy stewart said...

I love fashion tape for those kinds of issues. I use it all the time!!!

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@ Bon Bon Rose Girls

Kristin said...

YAY, so glad to see you scored the striped top!

agnes said...

superbe, et j'aime beaucoup ton top fleuri

{ I V Y } said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
{ I V Y } said...

cute necklace!

sharonlei said...

Ooooooooo I love your second outfit!

xx Love & Aloha

gospelofstyle said...

LOVE that pink top with the yellow pants! Yay for bright and cheery color!

Karen said...

Great Look!!! I love that you are trying to put together cheap but chic outfits, as most of us can't afford to do crazy amounts of shopping!! Although I am sure that we would all love to!!!



Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
Love, Cindy.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

That top really is fantastic. Also, can I just say I love your yellow cords!!! How interesting!!! =)

Julia said...

I'm so glad you're wearing a lot of yellow, because it looks fantastic on you!


Asta said...

Hi again! I chose you for a blogger award, please stop by at www.astamundi.blogspot.com to get it. Enjoy!:)