Because I'm still here

This has been the most surreal trip I have ever taken. It has now been two weeks since I left home and I finally have a flight scheduled for Sunday - for days later than I thought I'd be getting home post volcano.

Wednesday I had to move to a different hotel, still in Garda, but not on the lake. It is a really beautiful resort and the change actually made me feel better about my elongated stay, just because we were in very close quarters in that hotel and this one is much bigger.

More expensive too.

At this point, I can't even fathom the bills that will be waiting for me when I get home. The extra week in the hotel, my phone bill with who knows how many $10 phone calls and dozens of 50 cent text messages. (maybe AT&T will offer a natural disater discount??)

Plus all the fees that will be on my card and the conversion to euros... This trip is costing me far more than I'd planned, not to mention the week of work I've missed!

So today when I went to the open air markets again, and I spotted the sandals I'd been wanting last time I was there, but didn't get because I thought €37 was too expensive...

Well, what's another €37 at this point?
See you Sunday!

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  1. I was just wondering when you were coming back! I hope you're having a great time despite all the issues, and I can't wait to hear about everything!

  2. i'm actually going to italy this summer and that's great to hear that my iphone will be working there. i was a bit worried about still being able to post. my mom actually got back from italy two days ago (my family doesn't usually travel this much, it's pretty funny actually) and her flight got canceled, too! oh well. i guess you should just embrace your extended stay! hope you're having lots of fun.

  3. Glad to have you back! Sandals are definitely worth it- but I'm an enabler!

  4. Those shoes are definitely worth it in your hour of need, thy're fab! Hope everything gets sorted soon...have a great time while you're still there anywho!

  5. i hope your sunday flight does not get delayed or cancelled. that volcano is really causing a lot of trouble for everyone

    on the plus side, the shoes look adorable

  6. glad you may be making it home soon, shoes are really rad and you are so right about the extra cash.

  7. Hope you have a safe trip back! It seems a lot of people traveled to Europe at the time of the volcano and nearly every Facebook status I read is someone complaining of being stuck overseas. I just couldn't imagine complaining about that! But you're right, the financial drain definitely snaps you back to reality.

    The sandals are fabulous and hopefully they'll remind you of the happy parts of the trip when you get back!

  8. They're darling. Safe trip home, and hope the bills aren't too outrageous.

  9. I love you blog, great read FOLLOWING!!!
    check mine out tell me what you think :)

  10. i hope everything works out for you :)


  11. Cute sandals and I hope you make it back ok! Though right now I'd much rather be in Italy!

  12. Wow, good luck to you!

    At least you scored some adorable sandals?

  13. hope everything works out soon! so sorry for your misfortune. on the upside: those sandals are real cute.

  14. I LOVE these sandals, so cute!! I am with you, whats another 37?!


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