It's a Jungle Out There

Since my sister started her blog we've been somewhat at odds when it comes to taking outfit photos. Since the very beginning of my blog (and in truth, before I started my blog) it was meant to be about documenting outfits I actually wore. I feel like a decade ago most bloggers shared a similar mentality, but over the years it's evolved to become more about inspiration (or perhaps even more so aspiration).

In the efforts to create content above all else, outfits get styled for photographs which never have a reason to be worn for real, and that has never been something I could get behind. So my sister and I argue, and most of the time I end up photographing her inspirational looks and refusing to put together my own - since what I'm really wearing is some combination of joggers and a sweatshirt with zero makeup and my hair pulled back.

But here we are, six weeks into quarantine, with no reason to get dressed aside from going through the motions of normalcy, so here is a look that wasn't so much worn as it was styled, and hopefully someday will provide inspiration, even if for no one other than myself.

 leopard blouse, wide leg cropped pants, vintage box bag, brown sandals-8.jpg leopard blouse, wide leg cropped pants, vintage box bag, brown sandals-11.jpg leopard blouse, wide leg cropped pants, vintage box bag, brown sandals-9.jpg leopard blouse, wide leg cropped pants, vintage box bag, brown sandals-6.jpg leopard blouse, wide leg cropped pants, vintage box bag, brown sandals-13.jpg
The Rundown
Jungle Print Blouse J.Crew
Drapey Marnia Pant Ann Taylor
Sandals Manolo Blahnik via Coco's on the Green
 Green Snake Skin Box Bag c/o Vintanthromodern similar
Earrings Thrifted
Ring Thrifted
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx


  1. Well it definitely looks like something you would wear if you actually had activities to do! So I think it still counts as a "real" outfit!! Still love that top, so fun!

    Sadly I don't know when I'll start getting dressed again, especially because we don't really have anywhere to go to take photos and Christian doesn't want to leave the house.

  2. I can totally see you wearing this is normal life so I think it very much as "real" - what even is "real" anymore anyways? And it's inspiring me to maybe put on something nicer than what I've mostly been wearing at home (except on days when I have a lot of Zoom meetings as then am forced to at least put a bare minimum of effort in).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. I love the print on that blouse! And the trousers are so chic.

    I'm with you- I try to showcase outfits on the blog I actually wear, but in quarantine, not so much. It's more about me getting dressed and showcasing outfits I will wear once this is all over. A little normalcy for me, a little for my readers. Plus it helps me realize that yes, I still know how to do my brows every now and again. Ha.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. That's a beautiful top on you and I love the way you've styled it here, I hope you do get to wear this outfit somewhere! I have struggled a bit with home isolation as I only blog what I wear - I don't have the time, patience or camera skills to wear something just for a picture. I like to be able to look back and see what I wore and did each day. I have been wearing a lot of pyjamas and loungewear though, and it's hard to justify wearing proper clothes at home when I'm baking and drawing and crafting and playing with the boys and I get my clothes pretty messy! I've been dressing up a bit to get groceries, it's the only time I leave my house really, but I'm also trying to wear proper clothes if I'm working from home, as those days I'm sitting at the computer and I'm trying to pick less messy things the boys can do independently. I'm not managing that every day I work from home, but that's my goal! I'm wearing proper clothes today for once but it was pyjamas to work from home yesterday, haha! The getting dressed seems to coincide with the rare zoom meetings ;)

    Also, sorry for this long comment, but were you part of the wardrobe remix flikr group?! That might be how I found your blog years ago. I never joined but I browsed it frequently!

    Hope you are having a great week :)

    Away From Blue

  5. Beautiful outfit! And lolz the title now has the theme song to Monk stuck in my head. Thanks for sharing and I'm with you, hoping this clears up ASAP so we can have somewhere to show off our outfits lolz

    By Rocio V

  6. I totally understand your point, style blogging keeps evolving years after years and here we are today :) What I love about your outfit is that whole feminine vibe, a beautiful mix of casual and chic look, the floral top is amazing !!
    Stay safe,

  7. It's a fabulous outfit and no reason not to wear it even now. I've been getting dressed because there are lot of deliveries coming to the door...haha.

  8. Wow, I absolutely love your outfit, a perfect combo of amazing pieces! And even if you just dressed or yourself, it was totally worth it <3


  9. I confess: my own blog has always been inspiration/aspirational. I started it largely as an excuse to wear outfits that languished in my closet, because there was nowhere I could afford to go that was fancy enough to take them. That's certainly evolved over time, and my style has changed a lot, too. The simple fact now, to me, is that nothing is normal, so we can't cling (as much as I want to) to what we would normally do. Under other circumstances, I would never have shot upwards of ten outfits in my apartment, but that's where we are right now and - I don't love it, but I'm trying to accept it. I'm glad that you did, too, at least to shoot this outfit, because I've missed seeing your posts :)

  10. I can absolutely relate to this! I go back and forth all the time about what outfits are "good enough" to make the blog, and whether it even matters to most people. I think there's a place for both! Your style is great, and I've looked at your sister's photos and hers are great too! You ladies both have wonderful outfits that are relatable, fun, and give others ideas so it's all good! Especially during this time when most people are very dressed down, it's okay to put something fresh on and take photos. I'm not doing that right now for my blog but that's just mainly because of other reasons. I say do what feels best and give yourself grace :)

  11. That top is beautiful! I understand the deliberation you are having. I like seeing wearable outfits, but now is a time where not many people are wearing really outfits. We will get there soon!

  12. I am old school like you, we photograph what we actually wore... seems like it all changed now.
    I have not been posting as I have not been getting dressed, period. Sure I should but right now it makes no sense to me at the end of our summer (hot as ever) to get dressed and wrinkle clothes that need to be ironed.