April Budget

I guess the question is, what didn't I buy this month?
I said I was going to be adopting the shopping habit of buying less, yet, I've been doing anything but. I blame the inundation of sales, leading me to make purchases I might not normally make. I've also been stocking up on loungewear like they are going to stop selling it.

Items not included on this list are pieces I am hoping to exchange for a better fitting size, and a few pieces from my ThredUP order which didn't fit and are now listed on my Poshmark closet. I also just placed another large ThredUP order for lots of cute workout clothes (I need motivation), more loungewear, and a floral print Joie blouse. Typically secondhand is the only time I buy Joie, even though it's one of my favorite brands. However, in another quarantine moment of insanity I ordered this blouse because it was 40% off (but that is still $148 and I should probably return it). My compulsion to shop right now should probably be a concern, and there are at least three shopping carts sending me emails right now...

Banana Republic Safari Dress, $45
Lou & Grey Sweatpants & Sweatshirt, $70
Target Leopard Dress via ThredUP, $10 
Ann Taylor Factory Drapey Pants, $25
Gap White Leather Belt, $20
Etsy Gold Rings, $14
Loeffler Randall Emelia Knot Sandals, $200
Flattered Misha Sandals, $140
Free People Bodysuit via Macy's, $35
Marc Fisher Brown Croc Bootie, $35
Loft Leopard Print Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top, $22 
Ann Taylor Easy Straight Jeans, $50*
Ann Taylor Notched Collar Tie Front Top, $24*

*not pictured because I forgot


  1. Those gold sandals are beautiful! I can see why you had to have them! :)

    I didn't buy anything this month but it's been a weird headspace to be in where shopping (unless it's been for the kids) hasn't been at the front of my mind. I placed a big order of birthday stuff for my eldest last week and it actually turned up today (previously my order from this store took over 2 weeks) so I think I'm not alone in shopping less - or the extra staff working on delivering parcels is making a difference, haha!

    Hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you, and you get lots of occasions to wear your new things soon! We should definitely treat ourselves and not feel bad about it - it's important to do whatever we can to get through these crazy times. :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Love that safari dress! If only it wasn't white, I'd want it. Guess that's a good thing. The leopard print top is super cute too.
    I've been doing good-ish with not shopping but I'm sure I'll breakdown for a shopbop order soon (woo gift cards.) I want to get loungewear but I want to use gift cards and the places I have gift cards only sell pricey stuff, hah!

  3. I didn't buy anything this month. These pieces are all so amazing! Have a nice day.

  4. I think we're all finding comfort wherever we can right now and for me, that's acceptable given the extreme circumstances. Plus, I love seeing those Flattered sandals pop up in this selection - I think you're going to love them and I can't wait to see how you style them. I continue to shop, albeit for different things than I did previously - too many clothing orders just gets my hopes up about life going back to normalcy :(

  5. Lovely items!!


  6. Nice purchases - I would have probably bought it all too with the exception of the boots.
    I bought a couple of pieces off an Instagram account - actually lounge wear! Because i realised my piyamas are pitiful and my gym clothes are not loungewear.