November Budget

I know it's Black Friday and I "should" be posting about sales, but I think the sales started about a week ago due to how late Thanksgiving was this year, and I already did a lot of my shopping (Christmas and clearly for myself) during the Friends and Family promotions and more or less got half off everything without having to wait.

Which isn't to say that there aren't lots of good deals to be had today - just that I'm not posting them here. Instead, I'm marveling at how much I managed to buy for myself this month when I (once again) told myself not to be shopping.

The gold dress was for Thanksgiving, and the velvet skirt and camisole are for Christmas Eve. The rest I managed to rationalize into my cart for some other reasons which I'm sure were very good at the time, but are currently escaping me. The reason could have very well been "it's 50% off".

I think the worst part of writing this post, was that with all the ordering and subsequent returning I did this month, I was sure I'd left something out, which should be a pretty good indicator that it was not something I really needed or even badly wanted. But now that December is nearly upon us, I will most likely just be saving my shopping resolutions for January.

Do you shop for yourself during the holiday sales, or are you good and only shop for those on your gift list?

Giraffe Print Blouse, $25 at Banana Republic
Cream Mock Neck Sweater, $45 at Ann Taylor
Black Faux Leather Pants, $55 at Ann Taylor
Black Rib Knit Sweater, $18 at H&M
Jeweled Slides, $8 at Banana Republic (after credit card rewards)
Velvet Camisole, $31 at Banana Republic (both taupe and navy)
Velvet Skirt, $44 at Banana Republic
Velvet Bow Mules, $40 at Loft
Wrap Cardigan, $25 at Target
Cheetah Print Wrap Dress, $75 at Ann Taylor


  1. I always somehow manage to squeeze in some shopping for myself at this time of year, as much as I tell myself I won't and will stick to my gift list instead. It just always seems to happen...

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I see why you had to get the gold dress! I was trying to be really good and not buy anything myself this month but I did buy a few things - a kimono, tee and statement necklace. I'm done Christmas shopping so I'm trying to avoid the sales as much as possible, as I don't want to buy any more for myself (I put some things I wanted on my Christmas wishlist) and I don't need to shop for others. Plus I used up the last of my Christmas gift cards on the kimono and tee, haha! So I need to be good and not buy!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Oooh I love that wrap cardigan!!
    I did buy myself some things last month and will probably buy more in December but I haven't been too out of control yet. I did spend $85 on some beauty products today just so I could get a free gift.... WHOOPS! (but it was stuff I needed or wanted to try and just never got around to buying)

  4. I love that wrap cardigan so much! It would be so cute with so many different outfits!!

  5. I definitely bought way more for myself than i meant to this past month as well, so i totally get it! I do love the pieces you found though - especially the faux leather pants!

  6. Such excellent items for the holiday season! Everything is beyond gorgeous!

  7. I am loving all your picks. They look chic and versatile for many occasions.


  8. I do both! I shop for family and buy a few things for myself (that I’ve been eyeing for months haha!).

  9. I love those shoes from banana! I wish I could get them at that price though! Haha! Loved this post!

  10. The year is rapidly coming to a close. And once again, we find ourselves amazed at how fast the year has gone by.

    The Mens' Store

  11. I think I'm so busy shopping for others I rarely have time to shop for myself! But then I miss out on some great pieces that I regret not buying later on. I just love both of the mules you purchased! Just gorgeous !

  12. Saving my shopping resolutions for January is a good way to describe the head space I'm in right now. The start of a new season is always the time I find it hardest to control my spending - summer is even worse than winter, but winter has its own drawbacks, because I am going out less which means I have more disposable income to spend on things I don't really need. That said, I love everything you picked up this month so I feel like all the shopping decisions you made were good ones ;)

  13. This year I am late. I have not purchased a single present. I have shopped a bit for me or for my IG reseller account... there is a blurry line between those.

  14. You have the cutest picks dear. Love these, especially the Cheetah Print Wrap Dress.

    Jessica |