Casual Friday

It's my last weekend in Los Angeles. It doesn't seem that the weather wants to send me off on a high note, with more grey and rain in the forecast, but I do hope that could still change, as my brother flew out for a little sibling trip and were were really hoping for a gorgeous day to drive down the coast. Regardless of weather, I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

I have so many mixed feelings about my time here. It's been a crazy two months, I feel like there was so much I didn't do, like venturing out on my own and exploring, but driving here has been tough for me. I'm not the most confident driver, and it took me a very long time to get to a place where I felt comfortable driving somewhere new in Connecticut. Here, where an average road could have four lanes of traffic going in both directions is pretty much my nightmare. My brother on the other hand loves to drive, and rented a Mustang convertible for the weekend, so I'm very much looking forward to not having to drive.

These photos were the result of my attempt to find another piece of wall art for photos and then being less than thrilled with the results. Perhaps it was the wrong time of day, or I needed to bring a wider lens, or maybe I'm just not a wall art kind of gal? I know plenty of bloggers and people alike who go crazy over the wall art, there was even that piece which popped up in West Hollywood last year which required you to have 20,000 followers to take a photo there. Clearly people are obsessed with them, and I am evidently not one of those people. Flowering trees however, are very much me.

I hope you have some fun weekend plans, and to my Connecticut friends, I'll see you soon!

 grey leopard print top, grey cashmere cardigan, distressed jeans, ONA palma bag-4.jpg grey leopard print top, grey cashmere cardigan, distressed jeans, ONA palma bag-9.jpg grey leopard print top, grey cashmere cardigan, distressed jeans, ONA palma bag-3.jpg grey leopard print top, grey cashmere cardigan, distressed jeans, ONA palma bag-8.jpg grey leopard print top, grey cashmere cardigan, distressed jeans, ONA palma bag-10.jpg grey leopard print top, grey cashmere cardigan, distressed jeans, ONA palma bag-2.jpg
The Rundown
Grey Leopard Top Joie via ThredUP similar
Black Jeans Old Navy similar
Grey Cashmere Cardigan TJMaxx similar
Grey Trainers Puma
Camera Bag "Palma" ONA
Gold Hoop Earrings Amazon
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Gold Circle Ring Thrifted

 Sunglasses "Caravan" Ray-Ban
Nail Color "Caviar Bar" Essie

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  1. This is so casual and chic! I looooove

  2. Love this monochromatic outfit! So cozy! And yes, I love a nice floral background.
    I know what you mean about crazy driving. I don't mind the driving part, it's more the unknowns when it comes to parking, haha. I need a parking lot!

  3. Driving in LA is also my own personal nightmare. Are you excited to be heading home soon? It looks like you had a really wonderful trip.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. Such a cute monochrome outfit and I really like that printed top! You layer it well for cooler weather. It's a shame you haven't enjoyed driving there, but great you will get to have a driving free weekend for your final weekend! :) I hope the weather is nicer than expected so you can make the most of it :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. It sounds like you have such a nice weekend planned! I hope the weather is nice for you and you are able to drive down the coast! It sounds fun!

  6. Plenty of wall art back east, but no flowering trees! Loving these jeans. Enjoy the rest of your time in CA!!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  7. That's crazy to have a wall where there's a requirement for followers....only in LA!!!
    I'm always envious of your blooming trees when you post them. We don't have anything like that here in least not that I know of.
    What a wonderful experience you've had out there, Lydia!

  8. Love your casual Friday outfit, especially your animal printed shirt.

    xo, Maria

  9. Such a cute look! I love that bag :)

  10. I love this cute & casual look!!! Gorgeous!

  11. I'm loving those sneakers!

  12. I know you feel differently, and I know that blogs/instagram are only a highlight reel that don't show the whole picture, but from where I'm sitting, it looks like you've had a wonderful couple of months in LA. And, most importantly, like you've had a chance to bask in the sunshine at a time when the rest of us are bundling up in scarves, hats and mits on a daily basis just to make quick walks to the grocery store. This time of year is never perfect, no matter where you go, and it's so hard not to get down about it - I'm already struggling after being home for only twelve hours. But anywhere that's not near the Atlantic is the best place to be the time of year and personally, I am still so envious of all your time with bare ankles :)

  13. Love the casual vibes. Your jeans are my favorite. I need a pair like it. :)

    Xx, Nailil

  14. Gosh I’m sorry it rained so much while you were here! It’s still raining and gloomy. It’s been quite the wet winter!
    And I completely understand your fear of driving. I wish I lived in an area where I could just walk everywhere. I’ve always had to commute for work, I’ve lived here my whole life, and I still cannot feel comfortable on the road in this state! Los Angeles is especially scary. I’m making the drive from Temecula to LA in a couple weeks and I’m terrified lol.

  15. I cannot believe its been two months already, even though I know I am behind on reading your posts.. Stop focusing on the things you did not do and embrace the ones you did- then make a list of the things you want to do next time :)
    I really liked how this outfit turned out, specially the grey sneakers, that being said you know I'm not a sneaker person.

  16. Love your outfit inspo! Going to have to file this one away for Friday. :)