December Budget

I really thought I was going to be good this month, but then the after Christmas sales hit and I caved, making two big purchases, a pair of boots and a camera bag. The boots were half off and the camera bag was 70% off. I shouldn't have... but I was weak.

I also got few pairs of jeans, but with my Gap Card rewards, two pairs were basically free and the other quite discounted. I've been feeling very lukewarm about my denim collection as of late and should probably purge everything that no longer feels like it's working.

I also decided to include everything I received as a gift, since they are too lovely not to share!

Gap Girlfriend Jeans, $28
Madewell Texture and Thread Wrap Top, $20 (Christmas gift)
Old Navy Faux Suede Pants, $20 (free after reward)*
Madwell Silk Wrap Top, $80 (Christmas gift)
Amazon Wool Beret, $10 (free after rewards)
Bauble Bar Hoop Earrings, $22 (Christmas gift)
J.Crew Factory Pink Velvet Heels, $50 (Christmas gift)*
Naturalizer Neola Sock Booties, $65
ONA Palma Bag, $99
J.Crew Factory Utility Shirt Dress, $20

Gap Distressed Jeggings, $21 (free after reward)
Banana Republic Zero Gravity Jeans, $50 (free after reward)
H&M Floral Shirt Dress, $35 (Christmas gift)

*subsequently returned.


  1. That camera bag is exactly what I've been searching for for what feels like far too long. The fact is, I don't often carry my own camera, but when I do, I usually shove it in my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag along with my wallet, keys and phone, which just isn't good for it (and has already resulted in damage to one lens.) Sadly, the bag you bought is no longer 70% off (and probably never was for Canadian shoppers) but I will be keeping my eye on it. I'm looking forward to seein you style the rest of these new pieces in the new year :)

  2. I expect a full review of that camera bag in the new year! I've heard such good things about the brand!

  3. It doesn't look like you went over the top at all this month! I think you made great choices with a mix of practical/classic and FUN pieces! LOVE that Madewell silk wrap top!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. Well there is always 2019 to shop less ;)
    You made some good purchases, the pink velvet shoes and the earrings are my faves here.

  5. I really like that camera bag that you picked up (and the faux suede leggings) - I really need to invest in something like that.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. I've been feeling the same way about my jeans lately. It's time to use those rewards for a new pair!!

  7. Ooh I love it all though! So many great pieces!
    I should do a jeans refresh too and get rid of the ones I keep around "just in case"

  8. That bag is so cute! :) I have so far resisted the post-Christmas sales but when the final reductions come by I'm not sure I'll be able to! There's one bag I have my eye on but so far it hasn't been discounted. I did get a lot of awesome new clothes and accessories so I definitely don't need to buy any clothing! (You could argue that I don't need a new bag wither but this one's been on my wishlist a while, haha!)

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas :) We are still eating lots of delicious leftovers, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. My denim collection needs a refresh too! I'm hoping there are some good sales soon. I've been wanting to try AEO denim as I've heard some really good things. I love those earrings you got!