"I know that happiness can only be found in the present moment."

That was a bit of an unintended blogging break, probably the longest I've taken in the now nine years I've had this blog. Unfortunately life got busy, then it got chaotic, then I came down with a cold, and finally one morning my car wouldn't start because the battery had died. I felt like it was just telling me that my batteries were dead too, and I really needed a break.

While I wish I could say that during the last two weeks of not blogging I was working on all these great posts for you, however, it was not that kind of break. No, it was a binge watch 'The Good Place' kind of break, which if you aren't watching, you totally should be.

In between some crazy warm days, awful humid-but-still-cold days, and quite a bit of rain, we have had some gorgeous fall weather and I'm a little bummed it's practically November and I haven't really shared any fall looks... so fingers crossed for some more 66° and sunny days in the next few weeks!

Easy fall work outfit for casual fridays with a silk blazer and cuffed jeans silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-2 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-7 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-8 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-4 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-9 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-3 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-6 silk printed blazer, scalloped cammi, boyfriend jeans-1
The Rundown
Silk Blazer Joie via Coco's similar
Scalloped Cammi J.Crew Factory
Jeans "Tomboy" M.I.H. via The Outnet
Black Pumps "Natalie" Naturalizer
Willis Bag Vintage Coach thrifted similar
Modern Rings Pendant Necklace Banana Republic
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Twill Seeker" Essie



  1. Doesn't it feel amazing to take a needed break sometimes? And it usually means that you're about to come back stronger than ever!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Sometimes we all need a break - but I'm glad to see that you're back (and hoping you're feeling refreshed, too!) I missed reading your posts each morning and admit I was a bit concerned you wouldn't come back, which would have left a major hole in my daily reading list. And as for fall looks, I'm right there with you because we just can't seem to get the timing right - on days when we can take photos, it's either so hot it still feels like summer (we had the hottest day of the year here in late September) or freezing cold with flurries that melt just after the sun goes down. It's aggravating, but I'm lucky to have a stockpile of photos and for the rest, I'm just making peace with it - my looks may never truly be seasonal and everyone will just have to live with it ;)

  3. I did miss you, Lydia, but we all need some time off every once in a while!!

  4. Love that jacket!!! And sometimes we need a nice break without worrying about what we're wearing and where to take photos. Even if you didn't do anything productive I'm sure it helped recharge you!

  5. Sometimes you just need a break of life decides for you that you need one. Love this blazer! And I hope you are feeling better.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Very nice ensemble! The blazer is great!

  7. Very nice outfit for the fall season ;)

  8. Well welcome back! Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries! Love that gorgeous blazer! The black piping on it is so fun!

  9. I wondered if everything was okay! I'm so glad you are and I missed your posts. Honestly I think that life tries to get us to take some breaks and then when we don't listen it's like OH REALLY? We all need breaks, even if they are just to binge and we are here for you!

    The Adored Life

  10. Hope you're feeling much better and that everything has settled down!

  11. Absolutely adore that jacket! you look amazing!!
    Mónica Sors

  12. Beautiful blazer Lydia, its great to have you back.

  13. Sometimes you just need a break. I completely understand and I'm glad you let yourself take that break. I love this look--blazer + jeans is one of my favorite combos.

  14. Lovely blazer you got there girl. Hope you're feeling better.

    Jessica |