Sweater Dresses Under $100

One of my favorite things about summer is the ease of simply throwing on a dress and heading out the door. With the arrival of fall comes the necessity for layers, however, with an abundance of adorable and warm sweater dresses, some of which have long sleeves and thus the ability to stand on their own, the transition to fall becomes a bit more fluid.

I don't know about you, but there is something about that first day I pull on my jeans after they've been hanging out in my closet all summer that just feels so constricting. I'm happy to have my growing collection of sweater dresses that I can reach for on the days when I'm just not ready for denim.

I've looked at my own personal favorites and also pulled a lot of fun new styles for this season and rounded up over 25 sweater dresses, all for less than $100 (okay, I could only find one leopard print dress and it's $140, but it's cashmere and still a really good deal) so I hope you find one you love!

Cozy Turtlenecks

Bell Sleeves


Off The Shoulder

Ruffles and Fringe



  1. I'm with you Lydia!! I love a sweater dress, and I have 4 in my closet right now!! All different weights and different colors. But none of mine have fringe---I may have to bring home another? Ha ha!!

  2. I love the eases of dresses too and tend to layer them all winter long because I like them better than jeans too. You look great in your sweater dresses, and I love the roundup.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I don't think I have any sweater dresses in my closet right now, which is clearly a problem. I do love the ease of dresses in the summer, so it totally makes sense to have some fall-friendly options as well!

  4. I am so excited that you shared these today! I am all about a comfortable sweater dress. I'm checking a couple of these out!!

    By Lauren M

  5. I do love me some sweater dresses! Can't wait to wear my new Missoni one!

  6. I feel less and less inclined to wear dresses with every passing year, it seems, but I admit that I love all things sweater-like, so I would probably make an exception for the right sweater dress. I have some good knit dresses in my collection that I'm very fond of, but none that I feel like truly qualifies as a sweater dress - they all lack the chunky, cozy feel. I'll definitely be scrolling through your turtleneck selection, as I'm sitting at my desk freezing at the moment and a turtleneck seems ideal!

  7. Oh your dresses are so pretty, it's difficult to choose, I'd wear them all.
    I dont own a sweater dress, I'd probably faint with the heat here.

  8. I'll always love a cozy turtleneck sweater dress. I really love the one you wore.


  9. I love sweater dresses in fall! They are so comfortable and look so put together too! These are all such great picks!

  10. I am really digging the bell sleeve trend this year, hoping to add a few pieces to my closet. Love your picks!



  11. So cute!! The great cowl neck one on you is my favorite!!

  12. Such great picks! I love sweater dresses too!


  13. I don't have any dresses like this left in my wardrobe which is a shame as like you said they are great transitional pieces! Your leopard print one is my favourite and reminds me of a wool houndstooth one I used to have! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. Lovely outfits dear! I'm also into sweater dress, they're so comfy and stylish. Love that sweater dress from Red Dress Boutique. Lovely cowl neck.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com