No Shop October

No budget update this month because I haven't made any purchases! I wasn't planning on not shopping this month, but when I realized I'd passed the two week mark without buying anything, I figured I might as well just stick with it.

I also found myself embroiled in a major closet clean out, sending a box of stuff off to, filling one of ThredUP's clean out bags, another two garbage bags were donated, and now I'm in the process of listing a few bags on eBay that just haven't been getting the love they deserve. Yet somehow, despite everything that I removed, it still looks like I have zero space! It's like my closet is Mary Poppin's bag, I can't imagine how all that even fit in there. So a little break from shopping feels like a good idea right now, and hopefully one I can continue through the end of the year. With the holidays approaching (yikes) it's always a good idea to cut back on shopping for myself and switch gears to thinking about giving to others.

 Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules Leopard tee, camel culottes, scalloped mules
The Rundown
Leopard Tee Joe's via South Moon Under similar
Suede Culottes Old Navy similar
Scalloped Mules Marc Fisher via Poshmark
Leather Bucket Bag Banana Republic similar
Cloudy Agate Bracelet J.Crew
Gold Ring Thrifted
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx



  1. There's really no better feeling than realizing halfway through a month that you haven't shopped and then being able to stick with that for the subsequent two weeks. After a few months of being really well-behaved, probably because I was just back at work and not used to having so much money coming in, I admit that I've overindulged in October. But with the holidays just around the corner, it's probably best that I'm getting it out of my system now so I can focus on purchasing for others in the next two months!

  2. Very nice outfit with neutral tones and cute mules ;)

  3. I need to do exactly what you're doing Lydia!! I used to be so good at purging but for some reason, now I think I need to keep everything. Ugh!!
    That purse is incredible. I finally organized my purses, and now I have room for a couple more!!!

  4. WOOHOO! Good for you!!! I can never seem to go a month without shopping no matter how hard I try, haha. Maybe November will be different (except Net-a-Porter's sale will start soon and I can never resist that...)

  5. Isn't it strange how, not matter how many things you pull from your closet, it always seems strangely full? I'm putting myself on a shopping ban until after the holidays at this point (although I'm pretty sure I'll just go bonkers over Christmas and end up buying Eleanor a ridiculous amount of stuff she doesn't need and is more for me anyways!).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. I love culottes so to see a version of them in suede is just so chic! And kudos to you for not shopping this month. I will definitely need to donate a couple bags of clothing (and shoes + purses) this holiday season.

  7. Fabulous look Lydia, those culottes fit like a dream.
    Oh and I am soooo proud of you for doing that massive closet edit :)

  8. I completely unintentionally haven't purchased anything either and I am amazed at my savings! Love this look, those culottes are perfect!

    xx, Elise

  9. I feel the same way about my closet- no matter how hardcore I clean it out, there never seems to be enough room!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. Congratulations on completing your shopping challenge! I love this look so much. Gemma x

  11. Way to go on not shopping AND on the closet cleanout. Both are challenging things to do! It's amazing how easy it is to fill the space you have, and then some--I need to get back to the one in/one out rule!

  12. I shopped more than I planned to this month. Lol. Love that bucket bag :)

  13. You are always so good about purging, saving and no-shopping bans. Good for you. I love the Fall elements of this outfit and how rich and elegant each piece is. The culottes, bag and mules are gorgeous, Lydia. And I am with you, my closet is like a Mary Poppins' bag, too.

    Come join my style linkup on Thursdays and share your awesome style with me and my readers. Thanks, Ada. =)

  14. Way to go! That's impressive going a whole month without shopping! I wish I had the self control for that!

  15. I LOVE no shopping months and I love cleaning out my closet. Such a good time to find my groove and plan out my next purchase with more clarity! Plus, I adore this look on you! xo

  16. Love this classic look and your closet clean out sounds like a needed step. I still have to do a mini one to keep my closet in line.


  17. What a perfect fall look and serious kudos that you didn't shop the entire month of October! Serious wardrobe #goals!!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  18. Well done with the no-shop! I was expecting to go overboard at the 'fill a bag for $2' at the local opshop but apart from a few purchases and a couple impulse buys it was quite a quiet month for me shopping-wise too. I've been paring down my wardrobe as well. Now it's spring I'm looking for easy simple pieces and if they don't make the cut, they're gone! I've gotten rid or plan to get rid of most of my shorts so I'm going to use the gift cards I still have left over I was expecting to spend at the end of my 6 month no shop and get some shorts I think! I always enjoy shopping in spring and summer so a little wardrobe clear out is a good idea for me too! :)

    Love the leopard print top with the tan culottes in this outfit too! :)

    Hope you are having a nice week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog